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How-To Use Teabags in the Bath

Sometimes the things we enjoy the most are also the most simple. Bathwater imbued with a pleasant scent and healing herbal properties from a simple addition of tea is an example of this. There are a plethora of companies and craftsmen that design bath additives. These lovely products have their uses of course, but depending ...

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Best Styling Products for Dry Hair

Managing dry, coarse hair can be frustrating and often times costly. Those who suffer with dehydrated locks, struggle to find quality, effective products to restore the moister to the hair without squeezing their wallets. For many, summer is particularly hard on the tresses, due to stress brought on by sun damage, excessive heat, coloring, not ...

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Product Review: Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy

All women desire to have beautiful, glossy hair. We all start out with shiny hair, just look at any two-year old. However, with time, we tend to over process our hair with hair coloring, frequent heat styling, laps in a chlorinated pool, and with sun exposure. All of these activities strip the hair of its ...