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Allie Reynolds’ Amazing 1952 World Series

The 1952 World Series is usually remembered for Billy Martin’s great catch of a Jackie Robinson pop fly with the bases loaded and two outs in the seventh inning of the seventh game. The catch saved the Series for the Yankees, but the 1952 World Series was memorable in many other ways. Joe Black Started ...

Karla News

Collecting Sports Autographs: 5 Ways to Build Your Collection

  As any hobbyist knows, there often comes a time, regardless of what item they collect, where they hit the proverbial wall. Either they run out of items to collect, the hobby becomes too expensive, or they tire of using the same methods of building their collection. This is the point where many put their ...

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Mickey Mantle’s 1956 Triple Crown Year

As hard as it must be for baby boomers to accept, this year marks the 50th anniversary of one the greatest seasons in baseball history, Mickey Mantle and his Triple Crown year. In 1956, Mickey Mantle had a baseball season that has been matched by precious few players, as his unlimited potential finally broke through ...