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10 Great Running Songs 2010

The 10 great running songs 2010 can give a boost to a mundane routine and bring new motivation to keep working out. All genres of music have great songs that can help pass the time while you are running. The ten great running songs 2010 are diverse, but all provide hard-hitting beats that coincide perfectly ...

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Fabric: Best Nightclub in London

I have been to many nightclubs in London and out of all the clubs I have been to one club in particular was outstanding. The Fabric nightclub in London is one of the best nightclubs in London, and personally I think it is the best in the world that I have been to. Fabric is ...

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Creating Dubstep Music in Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops is not the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for creating dubstep music, but many people including me have fallen in love with it due to its simple interface and versatility. This tutorial will help you achieve big sounds out of a program not specifically made for dubstep. First let’s start with the VSTi’s ...