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Karla News

Product Review: Natural Balance Dry Cat Food

I am a cat owner and always on the lookout for quality products to improve my cats’ health and longevity. One of the best products I have found on the market today is Natural Balance Cat Food. My cats love the taste, and I love the ingredients and the company behind the product. Dick Van ...

Karla News

At Home Remedies for Cat UTI’s

Earlier this year, my cat, Poppy got a tract infection. I was switching jobs and knew I couldn’t afford a hefty vet bill (especially since we had just gotten her fixed and vaccinated.) But, using home remedies, we were able to fix and the problem, leading to a happier cat, and without accidents in the ...

Karla News

5 Common Cat Diseases You Should Know About If You Love Your Cat

No doubt you’ve heard the old saying “Knowledge is power.” This is certainly true when it comes to caring for cats. Here are five common ailments you need to look out for if you love your cat. 1. Gingivitis. Also known as gum disease. Dry cat food often contains carbohydrates, and this increases your cat’s ...