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Karla News

How to Create a Web Photo Album in Dreamweaver

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a photo album in Dreamweaver. A web photo album can be used for many things. Everything from a simple site showing off your kids to a catalog site, showing items in your store. Though at first glance it looks pretty difficult, it’s not. In this ...

Karla News

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial 1.2

This is a tutorial for making a basic website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. This tutorial is the second of the set. In the previous tutorial we created a root file folder for you website on your desktop. In this tutorial we will talk about what to do with that folder. If you haven’t created a ...

Karla News

Dreamweaver 8 – Map Quest Extension

Do you want to offer your visitors driving directions from their location straight to yours? Thanks to Dreamweaver 8 you can now do that in a few easy steps. Dreamweaver 8 offers a new extension called Map Quest. You can insert this piece of code on your page and visitors can enter their address and ...