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Movie Review: Dirty Jobs Season 1 DVD

This is where it all began, Mike Rowe searches the country looking for disgusting jobs along with the people who perform them so that society can exist and run like a well oiled machine for the rest of us. Film making 37/40 Video 27/30 Audio 27/30 Total 91/100 Mike Rowe started something when he sent ...

Karla News

Top 5 Homer Simpson Jobs

Boxer Homer meets with the parents of Springfield Elementary bullies to solve Bart’s problem with their kids. It results in Homer ending up taking a lot of munches himself, but during all the shots he never once fell down. It turns out Homer has a sort of genetic defect that allows him to take so ...

Karla News

Advice for the Homeless From an Old Pro: How to Get Money

Of course you’d probably want to start with jobs like real people have such as data entry, customer service, retail, sales, cleaning, manufacturing or other traditional jobs. However, you might need to aim for less agreeable occupations such as porta potty cleaner, road kill clean up specialist, or decomp crime scene cleaner. Even for these ...