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Interesting Facts About Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs, Towson University

I was channel surfing one night when I stopped at the Discovery Channel. I got intrigued watching men erecting a huge billboard that stood high up in the air. I soon learned one was Mike Rowe, the host of that reality show, “Dirty Jobs.” I didn’t think that job was particularly dirty, but it was extremely dangerous. I’ve since watched Mike Rowe on “Dirty Jobs” other nights. Read this informative article and interesting facts about Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” you’re sure to enjoy!

Mike Rowe’s Early Years
Michael Gregory Rowe was born born March 18, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. The oldest of three boys, he attended Overlea Senior High and graduated in 1980. Mike Rowe then enrolled at the Towson University where he studied English, Speech, Music and Communications for six years. His college education was drawn-out because of his uncertainty on what to do.

Mike Rowe’s First Job
Today, you can watch Mike Rowe working as an apprentice, doing many dirty jobs such as
a Baseball Mud Gatherer, Catfish Noodler, Poo Pot Maker and Chimney Sweeper. An interesting fact about Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” is, his first job was singing in the Baltimore Opera. The six-foot-tall bass/baritone still sings occasionally at weddings and funerals.

Some Other Achievements
If you hear Mike Rowe’s deep, distinctive, speaking voice, it’s no surprise that he has also
hosted several TV shows, including TBS’ Worst Case Scenario, The Most for The History Channel and PBS’ New York Expeditions. He also sold products on QVC in the early 1990’s.

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An interesting fact about Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” is, his voice can also be heard narrating a variety of TV shows. He narrates for American Chopper, American Hot Rod, Deadliest Catch, as well as many other shows.

Dirty Jobs Was Born
Mike Rowe was the host of the Evening Magazine show on San Francisco’s KPIX-TV from 2001 to 2005. He did a segment called “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” which showed dirty jobs blue-collar workers were performing every day. He received a ton of mail from viewers after the show that showed artificial insemination on cows. So, Mike Rowe shipped the tape to the Discovery Channel, who loved the idea of making it a series.

Some of His Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe has done 100+ jobs on the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” show. Here are some of the jobs he’s experienced: Alligator Farmer, Avian Vomitologist, Hippo Wrangler, Monkey Rehabilitation Worker, Ostrich Farmer, Snake Breeder, Demolition Man, Mud Shampooer, Sludge Remover, Coal Miner, Scrap Metal Worker, Fish Gutter, Garbage Collector, Road Kill Remover, Shark Wrangler and Gandy Dancer.

Jobs He’ll Never Do Again!
In a 2007 interview with www.dvdtalkradio.com, Mike Rowe said there are probably 25 to 30 percent of the jobs he’s done that he would never do again. He’ll “never dive on the back of a full-grown alligator again, and hold it while someone tries to tape its mouth shut.” He’ll “never test a stainless steel shark suit again.” Mike Rowe said he’ll “never get in an ostrich pit again, never get in a rattlesnake pit again”, or deal with monkeys again because they bite.

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An interesting fact about Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” is, he says he’ll do a job once to give it “an honest look.” But, he’s no “Stunt Junkie.”

However, if he had to choose a dirty job as his next full-time job, he would be a Taro Farmer in Hawaii. Mike Rowe said the job is “wet, backbreaking work”, yet it’s “oddly peaceful”.

Dirty Jobs Can Be Dangerous
Mike Rowe’s father calls it “a revolving door of perpetual infirmary.” Doing the “Dirty Jobs” show for the Discovery Channel has gained him numerous injuries. He’s gotten attacked by a shark, and his contact lenses melted to his eyes from a blast furnace. Mike Rowe has also suffered a broken toe, two broken fingers, lost toenails, two cracked ribs and a slipped disk, among other injuries.

His Personal Life
Mike Rowe is single, but he has a girlfriend back home in San Francisco. His work schedule keeps him on the road for over 300 days a year.

Mike Rowe enjoys listening to a variety of artists, including The Mill Brothers, Leonard Bernstein, The Beatles, Billie Holiday, Sly and the Family Stone, Pink Floyd and Hank Williams Jr.

Besides writing, Mike Rowe loves reading. Some of his favorites are the Travis McGee series by J.D. MacDonald; Straight Man, by Richard Russo and John Adams by McCullough.