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Romantic Getaways Near Memphis

Has daily routine in Memphis gotten you down? Do you want to take your sweetheart away for a romantic break without having to go as far as the Bahamas? The mountains in Arkansas offer recreation and romance to couples who may choose between enjoying rustic or modern amenities just a few hours drive from Memphis, ...

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Vacationing for Gemstones

When I was a kid my brother and I were always fascinated with rock shows. The crystals, minerals, gemstones, geodes, polished stones and all manner of material found within the Earth were quite fascinating. I would look at gemstones in the rough vs. the finished faceted versions and be completely amazed. How was that even ...

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The Lure of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds were relatively unknown until 1985, when the Argyle diamond mine began production. Today, over 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds are derived from this 110-acre mine in Western Australia. The Argyle diamond mine produces more than 35 million carats of diamonds annually. Less than one percent is pink diamonds. Additionally, the pink ...