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5 Best Lip Hair Removal Products for Women

Cheap and quick do it yourself hair removal in your own home are discussed first, then more expensive, professional help in facial hair removal is then discussed. The do it yourself most economically best hair removal products for women with coarse hair on their upper lip and chin are in correct order; wax, tweezers, depilatories, ...

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Genital Hair Removal for Men

How do men deal with their excessive genital hairs? You don’t have to be a genius to know the answer for this – removal of genital hair is the answer! While men know they have to remove such ugly sight they have to do it in the right way. And what is the best approach ...

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Homemade Body Sugar for Quick Hair Removal

One of the earliest methods of hair removal was used by Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. Historical records tell us that Cleopatra met with her handmaidens once a month for a hair removal session. Sugar, oil, and lime juice were mixed together to make the first known “Body Sugar.” Just like the famous ruler made ...