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Karla News

Ideas for Decorating a Dental Office

A dental office is a scary place for some people. Many adults and children alike literally dread going to the dentist, but the way in which it is decorated can help put their minds at ease. Besides decorating space to appear clean, streamlined and professional, it should be decorated in a welcoming and comforting way. ...

Karla News

Doral to Administer MassHealth’s Dental Program Beginning in February

After months of quiet lobbying, negotiation and preparation, Beth Waldman, Medicaid Director, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, sent an advisory letter out to Masshealth provider dentists all over the commonwealth. There is a new Third Party Administrator (TPA) in town. February 1, 2007, Doral Dental USA will take over support of member and provider services for MassHealth ...

Karla News

Sears Dental Center: A Review

I began going to the Sears Dental Center as a kid and continued with the company for more than two decades. I only recently became aware that many people aren’t even aware that Sears offers dental services. I finally switched dentists this year. How does Sears Dental compare to private dental offices in terms of ...