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Karla News

Age 50 – Half a Century

Those born in 1960 and 1961, have a major milestone they have reached or will reach soon. With some 78 million Americans born between the end of World War Two, 1945 and to the mid-1960s, the thought of turning age 50 or older is not as scary as it once appeared. Many Americans can now ...

Karla News

Top 5 Knitting Websites

Knitting is a great hobby that has been known to relieve stress while creating beautiful accessories and clothes. I has even been described as “the new yoga” by London based knitting website Purl 1 Design. In the last turn of the century knitting has experienced a revival. According to the Craft Yarn Council about 38 ...

Karla News

Great Gordon Gekko Quotes from the Movie Wall Street

The following ten great quotes by Gordon Gekko are my favorites, and show that he could’ve been something other than a Wall Street player full of greed. Yes, these ten great quotes by Gordon Gekko show his vast knowledge about a lot of things rather than Wall Street money values like greed. So here’s my ...