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Karla News

Cyclamen: How to Grow and Maintain

These bulb plants are native to the base of the Himalayas where the summers are cool. The original species have small rounded leaves and small sporadic flowers that resemble up-side-down tumblers. These species have been hybrid to the point where the leaves and flowers are large and the plant gives a spectacular show of color ...

Karla News

Bulbs for Shade

Although there are many plants that thrive in shady areas, offering you a wide variety of design options that will fit your needs, few plants have the flexibility of bulbs. Bulbs are easy to grow and naturally adapt to challenging conditions. While we are often led to believe that most flowering bulbs prefer sun, many ...

Karla News

Gardening Tips: Hardy Summer Bulbs to Plant in Spring

Spring is the time to enjoy all of those hardy bulbs that were planted in the fall. The crocus, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips put on their gorgeous show and then disappear until next spring. But spring is not the only time to enjoy bulbs, since they flower in almost every season. There are several hardy ...