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Karla News

How to Use a Utility Payment Kiosk

What is a utility payment kiosk? It is a machine that is capable of accepting payments for utilities, mobile phones, cable television, cable internet and other services like refilling a prepaid debit card or adding minutes to a prepaid mobile phone. Most of them are stand-alone machines that resemble an ATM (automatic teller machine). Larger ...

Karla News

Danger in an AOL Chatroom?

Chat rooms have become one of the basic methods of meeting people in this current day and age of the Internet. With more people “online”, chat rooms have cropped up everywhere, from Yahoo to AOL to AIM and MySpace. Chats can be found about any topic or region from legal issues to romance in your ...

Karla News

What is Cybercrime?

There has never been a set in stone definition of cybercrime. The easiest way to describe cybercrime that it is any illegal activity done through the internet or on the computer. Cybercrime can take numerous profiles and can take place nearly anywhere or anytime just like conventional crime. Criminals committing cybercrime employ numerous techniques, depending ...