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Romantic Getaways Near Memphis

Has daily routine in Memphis gotten you down? Do you want to take your sweetheart away for a romantic break without having to go as far as the Bahamas? The mountains in Arkansas offer recreation and romance to couples who may choose between enjoying rustic or modern amenities just a few hours drive from Memphis, ...

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Mountain Weekend Getaways in Arkansas

Little Rock, located near the center of the state, as are most state capitols, is very convenient to other destinations in the state. Little Rock natives who want to get away from the stress of the work-a-day world have so many choices. Arkansas is called “the Natural State” for a good reason. The Ouchita Mountains ...

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The Beauty and Value of Natural Colored Diamonds

A lot of people think most diamonds are white or colorless and that a colorless diamond is more beautiful and valuable. Many diamonds have at least a trace of body color such as faint yellow, brown, green and gray. It is true that slight traces of color in diamonds can take away some of the ...