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Karla News

Cult Films — John Waters’ ‘Pink Flamingos’

Cult movies come with their own superlatives. This is the sexiest, that’s the weirdest. This one’s the funniest, that one’s the smartest. As for “Pink Flamingos,” it happily wears the crown of the grossest. This camp-trash epic (found on DVD and streaming video) is not for the faint of stomach. Back in the early ’70s, ...

Karla News

‘Vertigo’ Replaces ‘Citizen Kane’ as Best Film of All Time

In a surprising turn of events, the poll conducted by Sight and Sound to vote for the best movies of all time resulted in a new first place winner. More than 1000 critics, programmers, academics, distributors and writers voted on the movies. For the first time in 50 years, “Citizen Kane” fell from the top ...

Karla News

Why Citizen Kane Isn’t Even Orson Welles’ Best Film

Citizen Kane continues to sit atop the lists of greatest movies ever made when that list is compiled by critics and/or filmmakers. When the list is created by moviegoers, not so much. While I admire Orson Welles’ debut masterpiece, not only do I disagree with its ultimate positioning atop these lists, but I would argue ...