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Product Review for the Bosch Universal Mixer

In America, the most well-known higher-end kitchen appliance is a Kitchen Aid Mixer. In Europe, it’s the Bosch Universal Mixer. After having tried both, I’m here to tell you that Europe wins. The Bosch Universal Mixer is the safest, most user-friendly, most powerful kitchen machine that you can buy. It will out-mix and outlast the ...

Karla News

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer VS. The Bosch Kitchen Mixer

One of the best kitchen machines invented since the toaster, the stand mixer has become a standard in every cook’s kitchen. From stirring a cake mix to kneading dough, the stand mixer boasts a variety of functions and accessories. There are many different types of stand mixers and attachments to choose from; this article will ...

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The Story of Dutch Painter Hieronymus Bosch

The painter Hieronymus Bosch was born in the Netherlands in the town ‘s-Hertogenbosch sometime between the years 1449 and 1456. Records show that his birth name was Jeroen or Jheronimus van Aken. In the days long before personal preference dictated a man’s future, the custom in Bosch’s day was that young men were to be ...