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Biography: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Born in 1870, in Sibrsk, Vladimir Ilich Oulianoff, known as Lenin, studied in the high school of Sibirsk. In 1891, he acquired the degree of law and began to work as assistant lawyer in Samara. There, he organized a Marxist circle, he developed contact with the revolutionary youth of other cities and began his author’s ...

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Lenin’s April Theses

The February Revolution and the October Revolution of 1917 were important to Russian politics because they meant that the nation was being led towards socialism. The February Revolution meant that the Romanov dynasty ended, and that a Provisional Government was established. While Provisional Government meant that the government was temporary, some people were eager to ...

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Stalin: A Despotic Ruler

Joseph Stalin began to rise through the ranks in Russia during the early 1900s. In 1917 the February Revolution took place. This proved to be the first stage of the Russian Revolution. This revolution resulted in the immediate expulsion of Tsar Nicholas II. During this time, Stalin supported Alexander Kerensky and the provisional government that ...