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Karla News

The Fun Factory in Franklin, North Carolina

If you are looking for clean, family fun than look no further. The Fun Factory in Franklin, North Carolina is the place for bowling, arcade games and more and offers free admission. The Fun Factory is located at 1024 Georgia Road and is open Monday through Saturday. For $2.50 per game, you can play mini-golf ...

Karla News

Digitally Obsessed: 6 Most Addictive PC and Web Games

Whether you’re a kid or a big adult kid looking for games that will keep you entertained and busy, here are 6 games that will have you addicted in no time. Some are arcade games other real time games, all challenging and fast paced with hundreds of hours of game play. These games are just ...

Karla News

The Best Arcade Games for IPhone

Apple’s iPhone has rocked the world with its amazing characteristics and powerful operating system. The list is massive featuring remarkable multimedia applications and high quality calls all in one device. But the iPhone is more than that; its iOS can turn it to a personal video game console able to satisfy even the most demanding ...