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Summer Ready Skin: Self-tanners that Won’t Turn You Orange

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The sun is set high, the school bells have rang and students of all ages are free from the shackles of their classrooms, it’s that time of year again, yes, it’s summer. Summer means it’s time to let your hair loose, bring out the bathing suits, sunscreens and hit the waters. But not all of us are prepared for summer, or to be more precise, we’re not prepared for the summer wardrobe. Afraid to show of your legs? Your arms? Maybe your midriff? Not enough time to hit the gym and get that body of yourself swimsuit ready? That’s okay because there’s a few solution and it doesn’t require any surgery or a lot of money, just some lotions and potions, mainly just lotions.

If you’re worried about showing off your skin because you’re a little on the pasty side (or a lot), try self-tanners, either sprays or body lotions, both are safer than laying out or going to a tanning bed. The thing with spray tans is that sometimes it goes on unevenly and you might end up with streaks. Salon spray tans aren’t always fool-proof either, you might end up looking orange rather than tan. The best route to go are tanning lotions that gradually gives you a natural looking tan that’s mess free and streak free. Some brands that make tanning lotions are Jergens, Dove and Nivea.

If you wish you had firmer skin or are embarrass about your cellulite there are lotions for that too. Jergens, Dove and Nivea all make firming lotions, some only last for 24 hours and others last longer. But Nivea is one of the few brands that also makes a cream for cellulite as well as a cellulite patches. For more information on Nivea’s anti-cellulite products check out www.nivea.com.

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If all of the above applies to you but you don’t want to spend money on several different products and want to take care of everything with one solution that’s doable too. Jergens, Dove and Nivea also makes cream and lotions that firms your skin while working to give you a gradual, natural-looking tan. But if you’re happy with your skin for the most part and just looking for something to give your skin a little extra ‘oomph’ than try Dove’s Glow line. Dove Glow will give your skin a sun-kissed, radiant glow that will sure to turn heads.

Most importantly, no matter how well you look, the best summer accessory is always sunscreen. You’ve worked so hard to look great, why not protect it? Remember to apply sunscreen an hour before going out and of course, if you’re doing water activities find one that is water and sweat proof. Don’t forget to reapply, nothing ruins a summer more than a sunburn.