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StudyBlue.Com: A Worthy Addiction?

Flashcards, Quizzes

Being the poor college student I am, I constantly seek ways to score money that won’t a.) Interfere with classwork and b.) Be deemed illegal. I was referred via Facebook, because that is something I constantly seek out as well, to check out StudyBlue.com. StudyBlue promised money to post that which I already had: notes for class, flashcards, terms, quizzes, etc.

StudyBlue every semester seems to become my addiction beyond Facebook and my email (which I check as if people actually send me stuff). If you want to be addicted to any site that may be to your personal benefit, it’s StudyBlue, but is it really for you?


StudyBlue keeps all your schoolwork organized for you which helps greatly in keeping everything in one spot. You can keep multiple classes’ flashcards in one section, notes in another, you can also form pop quizzes based off of facts in notes and flashcards.

Second, when you add classes, you will select department, class number, professor, and lecture/discussion section. This allow you to hook up with fellow classmates using StudyBlue for that class sharing material their as well.

StudyBlue pays out for every unique look at your flashcards, notes and for referrals, a dollar per friend who signs up I do believe.


First, and I probably should have stated this already, StudyBlue is only offered to certain universities, I don’t know why, I don’t know, I don’t make the rules. The universities included appear at the bottom of the homepage StudyBlue.com. It appears to me StudyBlue is available at larger universities, but shoot them a disgruntled email if you aren’t included.

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Second, I spend more time making stuff online like flashcards than if I just wrote them on note cards. Note cards I also have the advantage of carrying with me wherever and going through whenever. I also tend to get quite frustrated transferring handwritten notes onto the StudyBlue format and therefore rarely post notes. Apparently it is much easier to upload from Word class notes but I’m not one for taking notes on the computer.

Also, StudyBlue pays roughly a quarter for a unique look at flashcards and notes and only a few dollars for referring a friend. Unfortunately, I have never added on a class that had more than 7 classmates using the site as well. Seven I understand is better than none but since StudyBlue pays out to PayPal when you have reached $25.00 I have actually never been able to achieve such a feat within a semester.

Just like every other site StudyBlue has its perks and lack there of. StudyBlue pays off only if you are willing to addict yourself or are slick about using it (I had a classmate who offered a 14 page list of terms on StudyBlue for the entire class to review for the final. Of course everyone was all about that, I’m sure she was too since in order to view it they had to sign up [money for referrals] and then view the list [unique looks]). If you can spend the time to post all your notes and flash cards on the site then it can at least help you in reviewing material easily but don’t hold your breath that you’ll be making steady income during the semester, pal.