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Skin Care for Women of Color

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Women of all shades long for beautiful, healthy skin; the type of skin that makes people stop you and compliment you on how beautiful and smooth your skin is. For the most part, that skin is achieved over time and with the similar measures, no matter what color your skin happens to be. However, there are some important steps that women of color, in particular, need to take in order to have the flawless skin that will make every skin tone even more appealing.

Use a Quality Cleanser: Cleaning your face with a non-soap cleanser must be the first step in achieving beautiful skin. ATOPALM Facial Cleanser is an excellent choice, because it will not leave your skin feeling dry, like cleansers that contain soap. After making sure your face is completely clean of makeup and oil, use ATOPALM MLE Face Cream to balance your skin’s ph and rebuild the skin’s barrier function. Women of color tend to not use as much makeup as women with lighter skin tones, but it is still highly important to wash off all traces of makeup from your face in order to keep your skin clean and clear of blemishes.

Use Sunscreen: Most women of color do not burn easily, and so may feel like they can skip applying sunscreen as part of their everyday beauty regimen. This is detrimental to the health of your skin, and is a potentially dangerous oversight. All women need to apply sunscreen before spending time outdoors, but women of color need to choose sunscreen that is not oily so it will not dry your skin. A good choice for sunscreen is Murad Oil-Free Sunblock, which has a matte finish and won’t leave skin feeling “greasy”.

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Use Plenty of Moisturizer: Women of color tend to have drier skin than women of lighter shades, so it is very important for black women to find a good moisturizer that will provide all-day conditioning. Shea butter has long been used for its unbeatable results in keeping skin moisturized, and L’Occitane Shea Butter Body Lotion has all of the ingredients black women will need to keep their skin hydrated. This lotion penetrates into skin quickly, yet is able to keep skin soft all day long. Be sure to pay careful attention to elbows and knees, as these areas tend to stay a bit drier than other areas.

Also, the skin condition eczema is more prevalent in people of darker shades, as well. Eczema is simply extremely dry skin that appears in patches in various areas on the skin. It is best to treat this condition with a thick cream moisturizer, such as ATOPALM MLE Cream, rather than a lotion. A cream such as this one will help to heal these patches and prevent further outbreaks of eczema. If you do suffer from eczema, it is important that you refrain from scratching these areas, as darker skin scars easily.

Drink Plenty of Water: Moisturizing skin from the outside is important, but any dermatologist will tell you that it is absolutely necessary to hydrate skin from the inside, as well. Experts recommend that people drink 8 glasses of water a day, and women of color need to drink at least this many to attain glowing, beautiful skin.

Exercise: Along with these steps, all women should exercise regularly, not only for the beneficial firming effects, but also for the self-confidence that will follow. Just make sure that you cleanse your skin well after working out.

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By following this beauty regimen, women of any color can attain beautiful, clear skin for a lifetime. Nothing is more attractive than a woman whose skin glows with the self-confidence that comes with looking her best.