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Seven Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

Activities for Toddlers

Winter is here, and although the holidays are approaching like a bullet train, if you are a stay-at-home parent this winter, you may still be wishing for something to do. It can be especially difficult when your kids are too young to enjoy endless Christmas movies, fort building, letters to Santa, and hot cocoa. I have tested out these seven festive crafts, with my year and a half old daughter, so these activities are suitable for that age range, maybe up until age three or so.

1. Finger painting can be so fun; although it causes an immediate need for baths and major cleanup, but not the way I do it. Here’s the easy way to finger paint: slip a sheet of paper into a gallon zip-top bag. Squirt finger paint into the bag, then seal it. Now you can tape that bag either to a table, or even a wall, and let the child have at it and squish to their heart’s content. When their work of art is complete, either pull it out of the bag or cut the bag off, and let the masterpiece dry.

2. Scribble Snowflakes are nice and easy – allow your little one to scribble all over some white paper with whatever tool of the trade they are capable. Then fold into quarters and cut along all sides of the paper with little shapes and squiggles, then unfold, and voila! Scribble snowflakes! These look lovely in a window.

3. Sticker Snowmen are an easy decorative craft. Cut out three circles from white paper in the shape of a snowman, then glue them together. Let the child stick on stickers for the eyes and buttons, while you draw or cut out pieces for the mouth and nose. Sometimes toddlers need a collaborator on these kinds of art projects. Another great window decoration!

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4. Bubbles are a great distraction for toddlers at any time of the year, and you can pretend they are making your carpet cleaner. I have seen pictures of bubbles blown outside when it’s below freezing, and supposedly they freeze and shatter, which sounds like it would be fun to try.

5. Snow ice cream is one of winter’s delicacies. The best time to make it is after it has already snowed for a few days, so the snow has already cleaned the pollution out of the air and is now relatively clean. Take some fresh snow and mix with just a few tablespoons of milk, a sprinkling of white sugar, and a dash of vanilla. Enjoy!

6. A paper chain countdown till Christmas is an excellent way to get excited about the holidays, and it lets your toddler destroy things, which we all know they were born to do. Simply cut strips of paper and staple them into circles, forming an interlocking chain, then let your little tornado rip one off every day. Maybe store this out of reach so that the countdown doesn’t go any faster than it should.

7. Santa is the icon of the holidays, and you can let your toddler enjoy the excitement of glue by printing out a picture of Santa, then placing a dot of glue on each cotton ball, and letting your little one add on Santa’s beard. He looks very jolly that way!

I hope these crafts and activities will keep the cabin fever at bay for you and your little ones!