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Review of the Radio Flyer “My First Scooter” – Great Option for Toddlers

Radio Flyer

Are you looking for a toy for your toddler now that Spring is arriving quickly in most parts of the country? I highly recommend purchasing “My First Scooler” from Radio Flyer. The “My First Scooter” from Radio Flyer is the perfect outside tour for your toddler as the weather warms up this Spring. My son, who is two and a half years old recently got this scooter and he loves it. He keeps coming up to us and saying “scooter, play with scooter”. The great thing is not only does my son like it, but it is also built sturdy enough that as a parent I feel completely secure letting him ride it. Of course that doesn’t stop me from offering some parental supervision.

When fully upright the handle of the My First Scooter by Radio Flyer is approximately two feet off the ground. For younger children this handle is just that, a handle. They probably won’t pick up on the concept of how to steer with it, but that is ok. The base is designed with the toddler in mind. It is wide and easy to get your foot onto. I will say that my son did have a habbit of putting it on the side at times and that caused the scooter to fall over, but he learned quickly how to control it and help it remain upright. Another great thing about the base is it is wider at the front and thinner in the back. This allows your toddler to push their “My First Scooter” by Radio Flyer with their foot and not have the hinderance of the body of the base of the scooter. This allows them to have more room to position their “pushing foot” when driving their new scooler.

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For parents that are concerned about safety, I would recommend getting a helmet for your child. As I said, my son did fall several times using his “My First Scooter” by Radio Flyer when he was learning to use it. This protection for a young child’s head can be very important as we all know they aren’t exactly highly concerned with their own safety. You can find the Radio Flyer “My First Scooter” at many retailers across the country including most of the Big Box stores that sell bikes and toys. When my wife and I purchased it for our son we thought the $27 price we found at Walmart was a great deal. Checking around online it was, as most places are selling “My First Scooter” by Radio Flyer for $35 to $40.