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Review of Red Sky Cafe Restaurant in Wildwood, New Jersey

Fish Tacos, Wildwood

My wife and I recently went to Wildwood, NJ to enjoy a four day vacation with her cousin and their family members. One of the best meals we had while in Wildwood this year was at The Red Sky Cafe. It’s not cheap, but not as expensive as other options either. Honestly, we discovered The Red Sky Cafe the year before when we went to Wildwood in the middle of the week for vacation a few weeks later in the year than we went this year. It was one of the few restaurants open in the middle of the week that week. We enjoyed our meal at The Red Sky Cafe in Wildwood on Atlantic and Schellenge Avenues that it was at the top of our list of restaurants to visit this year.

Best laid plans of course don’t always work out. We had planned on dining there in the middle of the week on Wednesday night. Their website and their voicemail both said they were open all week. Unfortunately when we arrived it was closed. We called a number they had their for their other location in Seaville and found out they were only open on Thursday-Sunday that time of year. Tip to the owners of the Red Sky Cafe: “Update Your Website and Voicemail messages”.

Nevertheless, we returned the next night and found they were open. The Red Sky Cafe in Wildwood, NJ was not very crowded that night so they seated our group of four adults and three toddlers immediately. The waitress brought us two bowls of tortilla chips along with salsa and sliced jalepenos immediately after we were seated. She took our drink orders and the orders for the kids meals immediately.

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Their menu includes mostly items you will find at any other tex-mex restaurant. They do have some additional selections though including crab quesadillas which two of the adults in our group ordered, and fish tacos (which are not always on the menu at other tex-mex restaurants) which my wife ordered. I decided to piece my meal together with a bowl of their “chili of the day” and a barbecue sandwich. They called the chili of the day “pothandle chili” according to the waitress. It had sausage, beef, and some beans as well. It was not very spicy at first, but built up on you and had just a touch of sweetness to it.

The children’s menu is a little limited, especially if you have picky children. We choose to get hot dogs for two of them and a cheese quesadilla for our son. He had never had a quesadilla before so we were nervous about it, but he loved it. Both adults that had the crab quesadillas were very happy with their choices, as was my wife with her fish tacos. I thought the pork sandwich was very good, and also had a little bit of a fruit taste to it’s sauce which was interesting. This was also apparent in the salsa, which the waitress refilled willingly during our meal.

In general prices for meals range from about $10-19. Mixed drinks run about $6 on average. My wife had a glass of sangria for $5.50 and was very pleased with it. The website has their menu, including prices listed online which is something many restaurants fail to do these days (at least as far as including the prices go). The only complaint I had was they were on average $1-2 less than when they were on the menu we received at the restaurant. At least it does give you a good idea on costs though.

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As I said before, we dined here the year before, and we will most likely dine there the next time we go to Wildwood. Other recommendations I can give you to try are their mojito mixed drink (though it is a bit pricy at $10), and their cornbread is outstanding. The Red Sky Cafe is located at Schellenge and Atlantic Avenues in Wildwood, NJ. This is close to the middle of the boardwalk and located two short blocks off the boardwalk itself. They have a dedicated parking lot, along with other parking lots and metered parking in close proximity.