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Filling Out Surveys for Free Products

Free Products

There are various ways to get free stuff on the internet. One way is you can get free stuff online by signing up to fill out surveys. Filling out surveys is almost like doing a quick product review. You are answering questions that are usually marketing questions to help the company fine tune its advertising and promotion and also the product.

You can sign up with a company like Greenfield Online on the web at: http://www.greenfieldonline.com. Signing up is free. When you sign up with a company that does these surveys for a variety of different companies, you can earn a lot of different prizes and even cash.

Usually, how it works is that each member accrues points for each survey that they complete. When you have collected a certain number of points you can use those points to “pay” for products that are then sent to your home. Filling out surveys online can be a very good way to get nice products like coffee makers, electronics, DVDs and CDs, or even gift cards to your favorite stores just for taking the time to fill out a survey.

Signing up with a company that processes surveys is much better than just surfing the Web looking for surveys because you can be sure that the offers you are receiving don’t contain any Spyware or viruses and that the company will not sell your email address or home address to spammers or direct marketers.

There are also survey sites that pay actual money to consumers who fill out their surveys. These survey sites don’t usually pay much, just pennies per survey is standard, but over the course of time those pennies can start to add up to some serious money.

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If you are just getting started looking on the Internet for free products, signing up to fill out online surveys can be a good, safe way to see how easy it is to get cool free products and sometimes even extra money on the Internet. Not all survey companies are legitimate but most of them are.

If you are not confident about whether or not a survey company is trustworthy, try doing a web search for that company or looking on a consumer review website to see what other people who fill out surveys online say about that company. When you are trying to judge whether or not a company is really what it says it is, other survey takers can be the best way to figure out the truth.

Just like with any other offer for free products on the Internet, there are risks associated with filling out online surveys to get products. If you are wary and critically approach each company that is offering you the chance to fill out surveys in order to get products or cash then you will probably not be in any danger.

Here are just a few things you should be aware of when you are trying to decide if the survey or surveying company is on the up and up:

Don’t trust a company that charges you – If a company promises that once you sign up for their service you will be able to fill out hundreds of surveys and get all kinds of fabulous products and even cash all for free but they charge any kind of fee for this service, ignore that company.

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No legitimate online survey company will charge you a penny. Not for any service, not for anything. The company should never ask you for any kind of financial information.

Some companies will tell prospective survey takers that the company needs to know their social security number, credit card number, or bank account number in order to verify their identity. That is not true. You should never give out that kind of personal information on the Internet.

If a company is offering to pay you cash for a survey and requests your bank account information claiming they will electronically deposit your cash, do NOT give them your bank account number. Sign up for an account with PayPal or another online financial service and have the money deposited to that account. PayPal users can also get a debit card that is hooked to their PayPal accounts so that they don’t need to give out their credit card number or bank account number online.

Protect yourself as much as you can when you are filling out surveys online to get free stuff. You can get some very nice products if you use some common sense and trust your instincts when selecting a company to work with.