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Review of BCBG’s Teal Bathing Suit

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BCBG has done it again when it comes to his sleek and creative designs! His new teal swimsuit design is awesome. However, the swimsuit is not as teal as you think it is! The background is teal, but there are varying shapes that cut through the teal color.

This design has mainly ovals and triangle that vary in size. The colors of these shapes trade in and out between orange, dull red mustard yellow and whit outlining! So, as you can imagine this is an outstanding design that is sure to gain you some attention.

The material is stretch nylon so you will get a nice tuck wearing BCBG’s swimsuit! Some people are into the whole V-neck thing and other is not. However, if you are all about the V-neck look then you will love this design. This is a halter with a very deep V neck style. So, if you are a little self conscious about your chest then this is not a good choice for you at all. The V on this thing is very extreme.

The halter part of the swimsuit is not to be pulled over your head as to not stretch the material. Instead BCBG has provided you a nice back closure that is very secure so that if you end up going surfing it will not come undone.

The center macramé has some cute little detailing! The detailing is not very loud at all but it sets itself off from the swim suit just a touch!

If you are worried about your rear being covered up I hear you! However, this swimsuit only moderately covers your behind. So, if you have a mighty behind and don’t like showing it off then this might not be an option. However, if you are small in that department it should workout just fine for you!

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The inside of the swimsuit is fully lined and has soft removable cups. Another thing that you should know about this swimsuit is that the side is cut out. There is a lot flesh that will be exposed. I personally would not dare wear it because my love handles would be crying to be covered up!

So, how much does this lovely BCBG swimsuit cost? Well, about $138.00. However, if you get this at bluefly.com it retails at $83.00. I have a surprise for you though it is on sale for $70.55! Now go check it out to see if it should be long to you!