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Review: Lake George Timeshares

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While I was on vacation in Lake George, New York I was interested in a possible timeshare, so that when we were ready to go on vacation we could have a nice place to live without having to live in motel rooms. As you might guess it is very expensive to rent cabins on the lake; and it is outrageous to rent a home or an apartment all year just to have a place to come for a vacation. A timeshare can be the obvious choice, if you are financially up for it.

With a timeshare, you share ownership of a vacation home, in this case review I am focusing on Lake George Timeshares. One of my good friends in Florida owns a timeshare there in Lake George. My friend asked me if I would like to use her slotted time at the lodge next year because she, most likely, will not be able to go. My friend is taking care of her ailing mother who had a major stroke, so she is tied to her mother’s care.

Though it is great that my friend has this timeshare, it does have its disadvantages. She hast to pay for her part of the contract, plus she has to pay a monthly fee for the maintenance whether she gets to use the property or not. She would rather that someone gets to use the property, even if she can’t. I decided that if her conditions remain the same as they are now, I may just take her up on her offer. She did not say that I had to pay her anything, but I would offer her at least what I would have to pay in motel rooms for that time.

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I asked my friend how Lake George Timeshares works, and she told me she purchased a part of the vacation home and she owns part of the property. Since she only planned to be in the vacation home 2 months out of the year, (summer and winter) she would only pay for only those months in the contract.

Owning this timeshare is great, but if you can’t use it, it is almost like paying for a dead horse. Their property isn’t doing them any good if they can’t be free to go on vacation and enjoy it. The good thing is though, that if she decides that it isn’t worth it to her to keep paying for the property she can sell her share of the timeshare to get out from under the payments.

All in all I think the timeshare idea is a good plan if you are financially able. The cost of motels is astronomical, and you never know if you are going to find a motel/hotel that is to your liking, so if you can afford a timeshare, I would suggest the Lake George Timeshare. Lake George Timeshare has log cabin type lodges, and your share of the timeshare would be much less than if you tried to keep up a second home all your own.

The lodges have central heat and air, two bedrooms, 2 baths. You can sit out on the balcony and enjoy the view of the lake. The mountains are spectacular every time of year. Whether you want to ski in the winter, go ice fishing, or boating in the summer Lake George is the place to go.

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If you are interested in a Lake George Timeshare please contact:

The Lodges at Cresthaven
3210 Lake Shore Drive
Lake George, NY 12845

Phone: 518-668-3332

Source: www.cresthavenlodges.com/lake_george_timeshares.htm