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Quick Tips for Filing Your Indiana State Tax Return

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After you’ve figured your federal taxes for 2006, it’s time to file that paperwork away and get started on your state taxes. Here’s some helpful information as Indiana residents begin to fill out the paperwork this year.

Know Your Deductions

State deductions can vary slightly from federal deductions, so make sure you cover all of your bases before signing your name on the bottom line. Make sure that you’ve investigated the deductions to see if you qualify.

Credits, Credits, Credits

Indiana has additional credits available to taxpayers that aren’t available on the standard federal forms. Some of the most commonly claimed credits in the state of Indiana are the college credit, the credit for taxes paid to other states, Indiana State and county tax withholding credits, Indiana’s earned income credit, and the unified tax credit for the elderly.

Consult with your tax preparer before filing your tax return to make sure that you’ve filed the necessary paperwork for any credits that you might qualify for.

Student Taxes Made Simple

The Indiana Department of Revenue has made tax filing simple for students who are required to file state taxes. By visiting the Indiana Department of Revenue website, students can take advantage of I-File, a simplified system that lets students fill out their taxes as well as have any questions answered all via the internet. The best part – it’s all free.

To find out more about I-File, visit www.in.gov/dor/student/

File the Right Form

If you’re having your taxes prepared by a tax professional, then they will provide you with all the necessary forms needed to file your return. If, however, you are filing your taxes on your own, then make sure you do your research to make sure you have all of the appropriate forms to submit.

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Indiana State tax forms are available at your local library, and can also be found online at www.in.gov/dor/individual/forms.html

How to File

Indiana offers individuals the opportunity to file their taxes directly online, without the need to actually mail in any paperwork. Last year, over 320,000 Indiana taxpayers took advantage of this service which has made tax filing even easier than before.

Many tax software programs designed for home computer use take advantage of the online filing system. These programs, like TaxAct and TurboTax, also make filling out your tax information even easier by offering the ease of carrying over necessary figures and information to the appropriate location on the state tax form.

These software programs also can alert you to the available credits and deductions offered by your state, which makes it even easier to make sure that you don’t make a costly mistake on your state tax form.

For individuals who are expecting a refund on their state taxes, Indiana offers a direct pay program which allows taxpayers to supply the Indiana Department of Revenue with necessary banking information so that their refund check can be immediately deposited into an account of their choosing. This system, combined with electronic filing, makes getting your refund faster and smoother than it ever has been before.

Not getting a refund?

For those taxpayers who find themselves owing the state money, the Indiana Department of Revenue has made it simple to settle your tax debt by offering the IN-ePay system directly through their website.

By using IN-ePay, taxpayers can quickly and easily pay any taxes due by using a credit card or electronic check.

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The system even allows taxpayers the option of making an estimated payment, or an extension payment.

Where’s Your Refund?

By using the refund status service taxpayers can find out instantly what the status of their refund is. This interactive tool also allows tax payers information dating back to 1992, just in case there’s a need to find out information about past years’ tax filings.

For more information about any of the services offered by the Indiana Department of Revenue or for information about tax filing, forms, or new tax laws, visit the Indiana Department of Revenue website at www.in.gov/dor/