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Product Review: Rembrandt 2 Hour White

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One of the questions I get asked the most has to do with my teeth. Upon observing me guzzle coffee like an SUV guzzles gas (seriously, I’m breaching the pot-a-day mark) people will always ask me: How the heck do your teeth stay so white? The truth of the matter is that if I hadn’t discovered Rembrandt 2 Hour White, my pearly whites would probably be closer to a shade of dingy brown.

A convenient kit with ten ampoules of a 5% hydrogen peroxide gel and customizable mouth trays, I have purchased 2 Hour White at least seven times in the past two years, and it has never once disappointed me. Although there is more time and preparation involved with this product then there is with the popular whitening strips offered by other companies, the dramatic effect you can achieve with Rembrandt is worth the extra work.

The kit itself comes with an instructional booklet, two rubber trays, and the teeth whitening gel. While the whitening gel used to be packaged in three syringes, Rembrandt has recently started packaging it in ten individual ampoules. This is far more convenient, because it allows the user to save a portion of the whitening gel for “maintenance” without having to worry about finding an airtight container to store it in.

Before you begin the process, you must mold the two rubber bleaching trays to fit the shape of your teeth. This is done by holding the tray by a rubber tab, and immersing it in very hot (almost boiling water). When the rubber begins to lose shape, you place it in your mouth, and apply pressure with your fingers and tongue. This ensures that the rubber takes the exact shape of your teeth, allowing the bleaching gel to reach every nook and cranny (unlike other products, which can not be made to fit every individual’s mouth shape).

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Once you have shaped the trays, you squeeze a small amount of bleaching gel onto the part of the tray that your teeth will come in contact with, and spread it with a cotton swab or fingertip (I just space out dots of bleach on the tray, and spread it by moving the tray across my teeth, ensuring that no gel is wasted on a swab). You then insert the tray so that it is flush against your teeth, and leave it in place for twenty minutes. The instructions tell you that you are supposed to repeat this process ten times, so that total bleaching time equals two hours. However, I find that there is actually enough bleaching gel in each kit for four hours of whitening (without skimping and risking a loss of effectiveness).

The whole kit costs $19.99- and be sure to look for coupons; they come in Rembrandt toothpaste boxes, and the product is often on sale at Rite Aids and Duane Reades. The price is a steal when judged against other products with a comparable level of whitening- namely Crest Premium Whitestrips ($34.99) or Go Smile ($89)- the only two kits that I know of which give an equally dramatic result (I have tried both).

If you have very yellow teeth, you could simply follow the directions and utilize the 2 hour bleaching to get results that are as spectacular as possible. However, if your teeth are just a little dull, you could try the following, which is what I do to maintain my smile: Use 6-8 ampoules consecutively for bleaching, and save two for “maintenance”. One month later, use one of the ampoules to preserve your results. A month after that, use the last ampoule. This ensures that you get to hang on to your newly gleaming grin, and the follow-up removes any staining that has occurred since your last major bleaching.

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Basically, I would stand on a street corner and sell this product if I had to. It keeps my teeth spotless, the price is right, and it’s easy to use. Here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons I have found while using Rembrandt 2 Hour White.

1. The kit is one of the most powerful bleaching products on the market. It gets teeth shades whiter in a short two hours, providing results you absolutely can’t miss. It gets teeth WHITE (Every time I have used this product, people-bosses, boyfriends, friends, and random strangers on the street- have complimented me on how beautiful my smile looks).

2. A generous amount of bleaching gel is included, so you can perform follow-up bleaching without having to go out and buy another kit.

3. The custom fit tray ensures that no spot is missed. By investing the extra five minutes in molding the trays, you never have to struggle with hard to align strips or trays that don’t fit your unique mouth shape.

4. The price is much lower then other products- and you get more for your money.

1. As with all teeth whitening products, users can experience mild dental sensitivity. This can be avoided by ensuring the gel stays just on the teeth, and not on the gums. In any case, sensitivity will subside within an hour to a day, max.

2. You can’t talk while the trays are in your mouth (although, to the delight of my family, I always attempt to try. This is apparently more entertaining and more hilarious then any prime time comedy show, as is evidenced by the fact that they always try to engage me in conversation whenever I’m bleaching.)

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Some Tips to Keep Your New White Smile
Brush every day with a whitening toothpaste (Rembrandt’s Dazzling White Toothpaste is also excellent, but for a less strong option you can try Arm and Hammer’s). Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash to keep enamel strong and shiny (I use Act for Kids Bubble Gum Fluoride Rinse, $5.49, at drugstores. The non-yucky taste actually encourages me to use it). Avoid smile staining substances (coffee, cigarettes, tobacco, wine, dark fruit juices, and colas)- if not long term, then at least for the first few days after you whiten. If the temptation is too great- try drinking through a straw. While the effectiveness of this method is debatable, proponents theorize that a straw prevents stains by allowing liquids to avoid contact with the teeth, thus preventing stains.