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Product Review: Dior AIRFLASH Spray Foundation


Being a woman and a make-up addict, I am ever in search of the perfect foundation. Or the foundation that makes me look like I have perfect skin. As I get older this is becoming harder and harder to do. But I keep trying.

I may have found the perfect foundation at last. Completely by accident. I was reading one of those lists of the “best” foundations out there and came across one that was listed by Dior. I didn’t even know the perfume maker made cosmetics so I visited their online site. They have a complete line of skin care and make up. Imagine that. I looked over their foundation line and while I didn’t try the one that was on the “best” list, I did buy one that is certainly on MY best list.

The one I bought is called AIRFLASH and is a spray on foundation. At first, I was very skeptical, but after thinking about it, I had to be honest with myself. After all, what are we doing but honestly, painting our faces? So, foundation in a can wasn’t that much of stretch if you think of it like that. After all, Dior is a very expensive brand so what they are doing can’t be all that bad, can it? Pun intended.

I bought the foundation in a light beige color. The number on it is 200 and for me, it is a perfect match. There is no mark at all from my face to my neck when the foundation is in place and that is almost a miracle in my book. It comes in a 2.3 fluid oz spray can and you simply shake it up well before spraying it on your face. The instructions say to spray a light mist on your face about 6 inches away from your skin. You should also cover your hair and clothing or you will come away with make up on them as well. The instructions say that after a few moments, you will have skin that is virtually flawless. I took that as advertising bs, but they were not kidding. Right after the foundation is applied, you can then use your finger tips to smooth it around like you would any other foundation, but it doesn’t take much to get it smoothed into place. The key to this makeup is the waiting a minute or two for it to bond, or melt into your skin. Once it does that, then the look is flawless, airbrushed, absolutely stunning!!

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I went running off to find my husband and asked him to look at my face. I told him to see how good my face looked and all I had on was the foundation. No pores, just a smooth glow. I didn’t look like I had foundation on. I could still see my skin through it, but it glowed. I love, love, love this stuff!!!!

Now, good thing it does everything it says it does because this stuff is pricey. For someone who is used to spending around ten to fifteen bucks for foundation, I was expecting miracles. I paid $62.00 for a bottle of DIORSKIN AIRFLASH spray foundation, but it has been worth every penny. I can’t stop looking into the mirror when I have it on.

I have found that the less I use of it, the better it looks. I did get a little heavy handed once, and the results were not as good, so my advice is to read the instructions that come with the product and do as they advise. Use a light hand and spray a light coat. Wait for a couple of minutes to see what the final result will be before making up your mind about the foundation, but if you are like me and looking for a foundation that makes your skin look absolutely flawless without caking up and making you look like you are wearing a ton of makeup then this is the one for you. Even at the price, it is worth it. It didn’t even think about sitting in my fine lines and wrinkles, either.

Bottom line: Dior, Airflash, spray foundation, 2.3 ounces-$62.00. 5 Stars!!! This is the foundation that I have been dreaming of and finally found. Worth every cent!!

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