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Patrick McDermott ‘Found’ Pending Confirmation

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Because of the nature of “online reporting,” it may take you a little while these days to actually get to the source of a story, because one newspaper’s source may just be another newspaper and that one may have gotten it from another newspaper, but if you really want to know if a news item is for real, you just have to go and find its point of origin. In the case of Patrick McDermott, the missing ex-boyfriend of Australian pop star, Olivia Newton-John, the information that he has been found comes from a private detective name Philip R. Klein who owns a PI firm in Nederland, TX called Klein Investigations and also runs a website with details about his hunt for Patrick McDermott. (www.findpatrickmcdermott.com).

On March 30, 2010, Klein announced that he had ended his search for the missing lighting technician who was 48 years old when he disappeared on June 30, 2005, from a fishing charter boat off San Pedro, California: On his Patrick McDermott site, it says:

“… Investigators have concluded beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. McDermott is alive. We have received both documentation and voice imprints from McDermott and from a “lawyer” that states he represents him. Mr. McDermott’s wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be “hounded” any longer by investigators or the media. In return for our agreement to end our search – McDermott and his lawyer have sent our firm “proof of life.” As we are now in the process of confirming the information provided to us this week – we will hold our investigation. If we find truth to what we have been provided – we will announce such.”

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If the information can be confirmed, here’s what they plan to do:

“This firms intentions, if the information is found true, will produce such to his family first, the US Coast Guard second, and lastly we will produce to the public in the form of a upcoming book : THE HUNT FOR PATRICK KIM MCDERMOTT – THE TRUTH BEHIND THE MAN.”

I don’t know who Klein works for or if he has taken this investigation on of his own accord, but reports last year had indicated McDermott was wanted for questioning in Texas in connection with the issue of his life insurance policy. Now the website is saying that McDermott “is not and has not been accused of a crime. He simply is wanted for questioning regarding his disappearance.”

For my part, I’m just guessing, but I’d say they have bupkis. Why bother to come out with the story before confirming that the “evidence” you are satisfied with is the real thing?

Olivia Newton-John, for her part, has moved on and is now married and living with her second husband, John Easterling. One could hardly expect her to be all broken up if it’s really true McDermott ‘s disappearance was voluntary.

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