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Popular Spanish Baby Boys and Girls Names

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Are you looking for possible Spanish names for your new baby? Perhaps you need names for characters in the book you’re writing, or a name to use in your Spanish class. There are hundreds of Spanish baby names to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Here is a list to provide you with some of the most popular and beloved Spanish names. People of different backgrounds don’t always appreciate the same Spanish names, so I’ve included a range of American, Latin, and European favorites, with a variety of origins and meanings.

Spanish Baby Names for Girls

Baby Girls Names A-B

AdrianaOrigin: Latin and Italian. Feminine version of Adrian. Meaning: From Hadria. Famous: Adriana is a main character of Shakespeare’s play The Comedy of Errors.

AlessandraOrigin: Greek and Italian. Form of Alexandra. Meaning: Defending men. Famous: Alessandra Ferri, renowned ballerina and Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazilian supermodel.

AnissaOrigin: Latin and Hebrew. Form of Anna. Meaning: Grace, favor. Famous: Anissa Helou, internationally known food writer and journalist.

AnnaOrigin: Latin and Hebrew. Meaning: Grace, favor. Fame: Santa Ana, known by tradition as the mother of The Virgin Mary, and grandmother of Jesus. Queen Anne, and also the sister of Dido in Roman mythology. Ranked 23rd out of all girls’ baby names in 20061.

ArcadiaOrigin: Greek and Latin. Meaning: Of Arcadia. Famous: A region in Greece, but also often a fantasy realm in literature.

BeatrizOrigin: Latin and Spanish. Meaning: Voyager (through life). Famous: Queen Beatriz of Portugal and Ana Beatriz Barros, Brazilian supermodel.

BlancaOrigin: Spanish. Meaning: White. Famous: There were several Blancas of Navarre in Spanish and French royal history.

Baby Girls names C-E

CamilaOrigin: Latin. Meaning: Altar server. Famous: Camilla is a Roman mythological figure and appears in Virgil’s Aeneid. Camila is also a very successful Mexican pop trio.

CelesteOrigin: French. Meaning: Heavenly, divine, sky blue. Famous: Up-and-coming pop star Celeste.

ConsueloOrigin: Spanish. Meaning: Solace. Famous: Baby Consuelo, Brazilian performer and composer and Consuelo de Saint Exupéry, a Salvadoran-French writer and artist, and wife of the famous writer and aviator Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

DoloresOrigin: Spanish. Meaning: Sorrows. Famous: A derivation from María de los Dolores, “Mary of Sorrows.”

DoraOrigin: Greek and English. Meaning: Gift. Famous: Children’s character Dora the Explorer and Dora, a Portuguese pop singer.

ElenaOrigin: Greek. Meaning: Wicker, reed, torch, basket. Famous: Maria Elena Morales, a Texas lawyer and politician and Elena Delgado, a character on CBS’s Without a Trace.

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ElisaOrigin: Hebrew, Greek, and English. Form of Elizabeth. Meaning: My God is a vow. Famous: Elisa, a famous fashion designer and the character Elisa Doolittle from Pygmalion and My Fair Lady.

EsperanzaOrigin: Spanish. Meaning: Hope. Famous: Esperanza Aguirre, President of Madrid.

Baby Girls Names I-M

IsabelOrigin: Hebrew. Form of Elizabeth. Meaning: My God is a vow. Famous: Many Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian royals were named Isabel. Also, Isabel Allende, famed Chilean author. In the top 100 popular girls’ baby names for 2006.

JasminOrigin: Indian. Form of Jasmine. Meaning: Jasmin flower. Famous: Jasmin Wagner, German pop star. Also, Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin and Jasmine, a character in TVs Angel.

JuanaOrigin: Hebrew, Spanish. Form of Juan. Meaning: God has been gracious. Famous: Juana Molina, Argentinean singer and actress and Juana Manuel of Castile, 14th century Queen Consort of Castile.

LindaOrigin: Spanish, Germanic. Meaning: Pretty, tender, soft. Famous: Linda Evangelista, supermodel, actresses Linda Blair and Linda Fiorentino.

LolaOrigin: Spanish. Meaning: Sorrows. Famous: Singers Lola, Lola Beltran, and Lola Flores and Lola Rodríguez de Tio, Puerto Rican poet.

MariposaOrigin: Spanish, Mexican. Meaning: Butterfly. Famous: Mariposa, a spirited singing character in Cirque du Soleil.

MarisaOrigin: Latin, Hebrew. Meaning: Of the Sea. Famous: Actresses Marisa Tomei and Marisa Berenson.

Baby Girls Names N-V

NadiaOrigin: Russian. Meaning: Hope. Famous: Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci and actresses Nadia Almada, Nadia di Cello, and Nadia Lopez.

NataliaOrigin: Italian. Meaning: Christ’s birthday. Famous: Spanish singer Natalia Rodríguez Gallego and actress Natalia Gastiain Tena. In the top 100 popular girls baby names for 2006.

NinaOrigin: Latin, Spanish. Meaning: Grace. Famous: Singers Nina Simone and Nina Gordon.

NuriaOrigin: Catalan, Spanish. Meaning: Place between hills. Famous: Author Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s character Nuria in The Shadow of the Wind.

RamonaOrigin: Spanish, Germanic. Meaning: Wise, protector. Famous: Ramona Keveza, fashion designer, and famous character Ramona from the Beverly Cleary children’s books.

ValeriaOrigin: Latin. Meaning: To be healthy, strong. Famous: Early Christian saint, Valeria, Shakespearean character, and model Valeria from VH1’s A Model Life. In the top 100 most popular girls baby names for 2006.

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Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Baby Boys Names A-D

AlejandroOrigin: Greek, Spanish. Form of Alexander. Meaning: Defender. Famous: Very popular name amongst entertainers and famous people including composer, producer, actor Alejandro Amenábar, and former Peru President Alejandro Toledo.

Alfonso, AlonsoOrigin: Spanish, Germanic. Meaning: Noble and ready; prompt. Famous: Several kings of Castile, Aragon, Portugal and Spain named Alfonso. Also, Alfonso Pérez Muñoz, international and Olympic footballer (soccer); Alonso Álvarez de Pineda, Spanish explorer and cartographer.

AngelOrigin: Greek, English. Form of Angelos. Meaning: Messenger, messenger of God. Famous: Extremely popular name, ranked 31st out of all boys’ baby names in 2006.

ArturoOrigin: Gaelic, Italian. Meaning: Strong as a bear. Famous: Arturo Toscanini, Italian composer and Arturo Sandoval, Cuban jazz trumpeter and pianist.

CarlosOrigin: Portuguese, Spanish, German. Meaning: Free man. Famous: King Carlos of Portugal, Carlos Slim Helú, Mexican businessman and 2007 richest man in the world. Also stage name of comedian Carlos Mencia.

DiegoOrigin: Hebrew, English. Form of Jaime. Meaning: Supplanter. Famous: Comes from Santiago, or Saint James. Diego Rivera, Mexican painter and Diego Maradona, Argentine football player.

Baby Boys Names E-H

EduardoOrigin: English, Spanish, Portuguese. Form of Edward. Meaning: Rich guard. Famous: Eduardo Alves da Silva, Brazilian-born Croatian footballer and actor Eduardo Noriega.

EmilioOrigin: Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. Meaning: Rival, flatterer. Famous: Actor/directr Emilio Estevez and Emilio Navaira III, Grammy-winning singer and songwriter.

ErnestoOrigin: Spanish, Germanic. Form of Ernest. Meaning: Earnest, serious. Famous: Revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Ernesto Antonio Farías, Argentine footballer.

Esteban — Origin: Greek, Spanish. Meaning: Crown. Famous: Fashion design prodigy Esteban Cortazar, and pop culture guitarist Esteban.

GabrielOrigin: Hebrew. Meaning: God is my strength. Famous: Ranked 28th of all boys’ baby names in 2006. Actor Gabriel Byrne and comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

GerardoOrigin: Spanish, Italian, Germanic. Meaning: Strength of the spear. Famous: Rapper, singer and record exec Gerardo, and renowned pianist Gerardo Teissonniere.

HectorOrigin: Greek, Latin. Form of Hektor. Meaning: Holding fast. Famous: Hector of Troy in Greek Mythology. Also, Hector Berlioz, French composer, and actor Hector Elizondo.

Baby Boys Names J-P

JavierOrigin: Basque, Spanish. Form of Xavier. Meaning: New house. Famous: Javier Solana Madariaga, physicist turned political minister, and award-winning Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

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JorgeOrigin: Greek, English. Form of George. Meaning: Earth worker. Famous: Actor Jorge Garcia ofTV’s Lost, and author/critic Jorge Luis Borges.

JoséOrigin: Hebrew, Spanish. Form of Joseph. Meaning: He will multiply. Famous: Ranked 32nd out of all boys’ baby names in 2006. Baseball players José Canseco and José Vizcaíno, and singer/guitarist José Feliciano.

JuanOrigin: Hebrew, Spanish. Form of John. Meaning: God is gracious. Famous: Juan Carlos, King of Spain and Juan Peron, President of Argentina and wife of Evita. Famous fictional libertine, Don Juan.

LuisOrigin: Spanish, French, Germanic. Meaning: Fame and war. Famous: Luis, King of Portugal and Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzman.

ManuelOrigin: Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish. Form of Emmanuel. Meaning: God is with us. Famous: Manuel, King of Portugal and Boston Red Sox player Manuel Ramirez.

PedroOrigin: Greek, Spanish, Portuguese. Meaning: Stone. Famous: Several King Pedros of Portugal and Aragon. Acclaimed film director, Pedro Almodóvar.

Baby Boys Names R-S

RamónOrigin: Spanish, Germanic. Meaning: Wise advisor, protector. Famous: Ramón Lage, Brazillian footballer and Spanish writer and dramatist Ramón Gómez de la Serna.

RaulOrigin: Spanish, Germanic. Meaning: Wolf council, counselor. Famous: Raul Blanco, Spanish footballer and actor Raul Julia.

Ricardo, RicoOrigin: Portuguese, Spanish, French. Meaning: Strong power, hardy power. Famous: Actor Ricardo Montalban and Brazilian footballer Ricardo Izecson (aka Kaká).

SalvadorOrigin: Latin. Meaning: Savior. Famous: Spanish painter Salvador Dali and Salvador Vialcho, a Spanish footballer.

SantosOrigin: Spanish. Meaning: Saints. Famous: More common as a surname, Santos is gaining popularity as a first name, as evidenced by the character Santos in TV’s Ugly Betty.

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