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Overview of Tetra Species of Tropical Fish

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Some of the more popular tropical fish for the home aquarium are the tetra species. In general, these fish originate in the warm waters of South America and Africa. All of the species are warm tropical fish that require a heater in the fish tank. Most are quite hardy and take a variety of pH and water conditions. Below is a list of some of the more popular tetra species of tropical fish.

Tetra Tropical Fish – Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is one of the most popular to keep in a home fish tank. It is a small fish, not even an inch long, with a brilliant red tail end and a bright blue stripe running down its body.

The neon tetra is a peaceful fish that prefers to live in a school of seven or more. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find neon tetras at fish stores that are not infected with the neon tetra disease.

Tetra Tropical Fish – Cardinal Tetra

The cardinal tetra is a good alternative to the neon tetra. Slightly bigger than its blue cousin, the cardinal tetra is bright red down the length of its body. The top part of the body is shimmering blue. These tetras also like to school and will do well in a community fish tank.

Tetra Tropical Fish – Serpae Tetra

Serpae tetra are sometimes called jewel tetras due to their sparkling appearance and vibrant coloration. The general color of the fish is orangey red, but it has a black spot on the side and black fins.

These tetra tropical fish do well in a group and can become fin nippers if stressed. They are best kept with other active fish.

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Tetra Tropical Fish – Black Skirt Tetra

This tetra’s name comes from the long black fin on the lower half of its body. The fish is silver-colored with bold black stripes. There is also a long-finned variety with trailing fins. This very hardy aquarium fish does well in groups.

Tetra Tropical Fish – Bleeding Heart Tetra

The bleeding-heart tetra is named for the bright spot of red on its side. Other than that spot and the high dorsal fin, this tetra species is beige or silver. Like other tetras, this fish likes being kept in a school.

Tetra Tropical Fish – Buenos Aires Tetra

One of the most commonly kept fish, the Beunes Aires tetra is silver scaled with hints of red or orange along its fins. They have an attractive splash of black on the caudal fin, or tail. These are very hardy fish.

Tetra Tropical Fish – Glowlight Tetra

The glowlight tetra looks a lot like the neon and cardinal varieties. Instead of the bold blue and red coloration, however, glowlights are mostly silver with a bright orange stripe down the midpoint of their bodies. These tetras are easy to keep.