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Obtaining Protection Through Reiki Meditation

Energy Work, Healing Energy, Usui

Reiki is a method of natural healing that guides our own innate healing energy within us and around us using special hand positions and symbols that aids in directing or focusing the energy. Over the last four years that I’ve been practicing Reiki as a Master Teacher, I’ve realized that the healing energy can be guided as a protector of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

In essence, that’s what healing is – it is protection. I figured if that’s the case then why couldn’t I use my healing energy through Reiki to create a protective shield around my body, mind, and spirit. The possibilities of Reiki are endless. Therefore, I gave it a try.

I have two different meditations for Reiki practitioners, which are based on the levels of Reiki that have been learned. In addition, these meditations are based on the Usui System of Natural Healing. If you are certified in other types of Reiki, please feel free to tweak these meditations to suit your needs.

One thing that is consistent with both Reiki meditations is making sure you do a self-treatment first to cleanse and clear yourself. I found this to be helpful because it prevents any negative thoughts or negative energy of any kind of getting in the way of the protective shield.

You may wonder how that is possible, however, it’s no different than when we are trying to manifest abundance into our lives, but then think negative thoughts that hinder the positive abundance from taking place as quickly as we’d like it. The same philosophy works with Reiki. You should always clear yourself through self-treatment first and then perform your ritual, meditation, or other treatment.

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Here are the two Reiki meditations for spiritual protection:

Spiritual Protection Meditation for Reiki Level 1 Practitioners – Since Reiki level 1 practitioners do not learn any Reiki symbols, you have to use other methods for your self-treatments and meditations. To reiterate, please give yourself a self-treatment using all the hand positions you’ve learned. Then, sit quietly and take three slow, deep breaths focusing your intention on protection. If you have an angel or deity that you work with on a regular basis, be sure to call them forth to join with you in this meditation.

Now, close your eyes and place your hands over your heart center. Breathe deeply into this space and call upon love from within you to surround you and saturate your aura, physical body, mind, and spirit. This energy is usually in the form of pink light or white light. You should see this energy forming a beautiful and strong protective shield around your entire being. You may even feel a warmth all around your body as you visualize this shield. But even if you don’t feel the warmth, trust that you are creating the shield around your body with love energy.

Now, you should raise your hands above your head and begin to cascade them down the front, sides, and back of your body as if you’re combing through your aura. Afterwards, place your hands in prayer position at your heart center. At this point, you are free to say a prayer of gratitude or affirmation that the shield is complete and strong.

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Spiritual Protection Meditation for Reiki Levels 2 & 3 Practitioners – Please be sure you do a self-treatment first before you proceed with the meditation. You may want to say a prayer of intention or call upon your angels, guides, or deities to stand with you during this meditation. Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths to prepare yourself. Place your hands over your heart center and breathe deeply into this space.

Call upon the Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki energies to surround you. Notice the energies of these Reiki symbols creating a shield around you. While this is going on use your hands to sweep over your body starting at the crown of your head and on down to your feet as if you’re combing through your aura. In this way, you are shaping and adjusting the shield around you.

Keep in mind, this is an all-purpose shield, however, you can create shields for yourself that each have a specific purpose. For instance, if you need physical protection, then you can focus the intention into your meditation. Or, if you need mental protection to limit negative thoughts, then you can focus the intention into your meditation.

Remember, there is no limit to how you can use Reiki or any energy work. The sky is the limit.