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Nine Creative Uses for Margarine Tubs

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To many, that empty Country Crock margarine tub is destined for nothing more than the recycle bin. After all, what other practical uses are there for an empty plastic container? Before it gets tossed, consider these nine alternatives that will not only save you a couple of bucks, but prove to be an eco-friendly version of reusing materials.

A Cheap Organizer

Whether it’s that stray thumbtack or rogue pencil eraser, small items have a mysterious way of disappearing when they’re needed most. Instead of wasting precious minutes attempting to scrounge up that elusive rubber band, grab a few margarine tubs, and organize those loose odds and ends. Margarine tubs made wonderful cheap organizers which will help tidy up a packed drawer, while making life’s little complications disappear.

Ice Cream In Pint Size Portions

Love ice cream, but don’t love the quarts they come in? Margarine tubs make excellent single serving containers for anyone concerned with portion size. Not only is this less expensive than say Weight Watchers singles, but it’s a good way to make sure you stick to the recommended serving amount.

Paint Container

Whether it’s the old paint peeling on the front door, or impossible marker streaks your kids drew on the living room wall, lugging around heavy paint containers can be hard work, especially if all that’s needed is a touch up! Instead pour a dab of paint into an empty margarine tub, and get to work! Do you have any paint left over? Don’t throw it away, store it in a tub for future touch ups! As for the marker loving wall artists, give them a few margarine tubs full of washable paint, and watch your pint size Picassos create a masterpiece….on paper.

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Jello Dessert Mold

Why spend money on dessert molds, when there are empty margarine tubs waiting to be used? The larger containers can be used for ambrosia, while the smaller tubs make excellent single serving sizes. Once the jello sets, gently squeeze the side of the tubs to release the sweet dessert.

Freezer Food Container

Margarine tubs are a cheap alternative to Tupperware. Why buy when you can reuse containers destined for the recycle bin? This can be a busy individuals best friend. Next time you make chicken broth, reserve the extra in batches large enough for soup recipes. Extra marinara? Use that 2 pound tub to store it for next week’s lasagna. The possibilities are endless.

Lunchbox “Organizers”

Instead of wasting money by using sandwich baggies for items such as chex mix, or dried fruit, consider using a margarine tub. The container can be reused countless times, while cutting down on lunch box ‘debris’ being tossed in the trash.

Kid’s Piggy Bank

Rainy days, and bored kids can become every parent’s worst nightmare. Next time the clouds come rolling in, transform a few margarine tubs into piggy banks. Throw in some stickers, maybe some glitter, and let their creative juices run wild!

Make It Part Of Your Travel Gear

Next time you go traveling, consider using margarine tubs as storage containers. If you’re taking fido, what better place to store dry dog food? These disposable gems make traveling light easy.

Seed Starter

Gardening is supposed to save you money, right? So why spend hard earned money on large seed trays when there’s a cheaper alternative? Take a margarine tub, poke a few holes in the bottom using the lid as a drip saucer. The perfect cost effective seed starter!

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It’s always surprising how many practical uses a common place item has. Whether it’s a margarine tub, a used toothbrush, or a soda can, with some thought and ingenuity any object can become a wallet friendly household staple.