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Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser VS. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has been around a year or so, and it works well for many purposes. But its price is somewhat daunting. So it was with great excitement that I saw a generic magic eraser has hit the shelves. It goes by various names, but the one I tested was called Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser. Can it replicate the stunning results of the original?

The Magic Eraser concept is ingenious. How many times have we wished for such a thing when our children scribble with markers on the wall? The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really can get rid of lots of things that other cleaners just can’t touch. You simply dampen the eraser, which is composed of a dense foamy material, and rub. It can be rinsed and reused for as long as it retains its form. Eventually of course it falls to pieces.

I have always been amazed at how well the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works. It is successful at scouring away such things as the grime that accumulates on bathroom fixtures. It works on the food that gets encrusted on the stove and the kitchen cabinets. For more ideas on things they can do, you can use an online tool at the Mr. Clean web site called 1001 Discovery Lane. Here you can click on different rooms in your home and see the various uses. You can also enter a contest for the best video of the magic eraser at work. However, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser isn’t cheap.

Wary of cheap knock-offs that don’t live up to their brand name counterparts, I was at first skeptical when I saw the Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser. But at the significant savings it offered, I decided to take a chance. I was pleasantly pleased when I compared the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with the Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser. Visibly, they are identical and they work in exactly the same way. Now I can afford to buy as many as I need. I consider this extremely fortuitous, because I now know magic erasers have an alternate use. Magic erasers can help one get enough sleep, as well as keep houses clean.

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How can this be? My discovery of the versatility of magic erasers occurred on a beautiful morning in late spring. At 4:30 am on a late spring morning, to be precise. It was at this hour when the song birds began their chorusing. Very lovely, to be sure. But when all you want is sleep, it isn’t appreciated. Ear plugs were what I needed, but the little things are so elusive. I can never find a pair when the need arises. I was wandering the house in a dazed half-sleep when my eyes fell upon on a magic eraser. Dense foam, I thought, just like the material out of which they make earplugs. I was too tired to care about the advisability of placing cleaning products in my ears. With two pyramid-shaped pieces of magic eraser in my ears I fell into a blissful slumber.

Happily, the magic erasers did my ears no harm. I used them dry, of course. In fact they seemed to help remove some ear wax. Could there be even more uses for magic erasers? I decided to research that question. Originally, I had supposed that magic erasers were imbued with some sort of cleanser. But I discovered that magic erasers are in fact composed of a material called Basotect®, or melamine resin. This material is as hard as glass on the microscale, yet appears to be a foam on human scales. Because it is fine yet pliable, it can clean particles deeply embedded in surfaces. It’s actually been around for twenty years as a soundproofing and insulating material.

What more could you ask for? Clean ears, a good night’s sleep, a clean house and who knows what else. Whether you buy Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser or the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you are sure to be satisfied.

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