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Natural Craft Projects for Cub Scouts

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Boys enjoy working on craft projects as much as girls, and craft projects are a fun part of cub scout meetings and being a cub scout. Crafts encourage imagination and creativity, and crafts made with natural supplies provided by mother nature are ideal for cub scouts. Searching for supplies such as pinecones, acorns, autumn leaves, and twigs adds to the fun, and crafts that use natural supplies are some of the best craft projects of all. Cub scouts love completing useable craft projects they can keep or give away as gifts, and the following craft project ideas can be part of a fun cub scout meeting and project that requires natural supplies found outdoors.

Precautionary Statement

The following craft projects for cub scouts require the use of a hot glue gun. Keep in mind, the boys must be well supervised when using the glue gun, and depending on their ages, they may need help applying the glue. Help from parents may be required. Thick craft glue can be used instead, but it will take longer to dry, and it isn’t ideal for all projects.

Easy Acorn and Pinecone Ball

For this easy cub scout craft project that uses natural supplies you’ll need a four-inch foam ball, natural twine, a hot glue gun, scissors, and natural supplies including small leaves, tiny pinecones, dried pods found on the ground, and dried acorns. Acorn caps are also perfect for this cub scout craft project. Anything dried and natural can be used to cover the ball.

Begin by looping a six-inch piece of natural twine, and hot glue it to the foam ball. Next begin gluing the natural dried supplies to the foam ball, and fill in the gaps with small dried leaves. The glue will dry fast, and cub scouts should be able to take their finished projects home upon completion.

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Twig Covered Pencil Holder

To make a twig covered pencil holder you’ll need an empty metal can (a standard-size vegetable can is a good choice), masking tape, brown shoe polish, twigs of equal size that will span the height of the can, a hot glue gun, scissors, and two colors of raffia.

Begin by covering the sharp rim of the can with a layer of masking tape. Next, randomly apply short pieces of masking tape to the can. The masking tape should overlap in different directions.

Next, apply brown shoe polish to the masking tape. The shoe polish will make the base for the twigs look like leather. Allow the shoe polish to dry completely before continuing. This project will more than likely take two cub scout meetings to complete.

The next step is to snap the sticks to the right length. Pruning shears can be used, but with dried sticks they aren’t required. The cub scouts should be able to do this with very little assistance. As the sticks are snapped off to the appropriate length, glue them vertically to the can until the entire can is covered.

The last step in making this cub scout craft project is to tie two pieces of raffia around the center of the can. A natural brown piece and a colored piece looks great together and completes this decorative and useful pencil holder. Add a few pencils, and this cub scout project made with natural supplies is ready to use!