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MTV Real World Awards Bash 2008

Season 14

April 2. 2008 – The Real World Awards Bash airs on April 2, 2008. Cast members of the reality show that started it all, The Real World, will be recognized for their antics. The Real World Awards Bash airs on April 2, 2008 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on MTV.

The Real World

The Real World on MTV was a purely experimental show on the network that birthed music videos. Not only is The Real World MTV’s longest running show, the show can also be credited with being a seedling for the type of reality TV shows or “unscripted TV shows” that are so popular today.

The first season of MTV’s The Real World aired in 1992.

The Real World Awards Nominees

Here are the Real World Awards Nominees for 2008. You can watch the related videos for each category at MTV.com.

Hottest Female – The Real World Awards Nominees

Cameran, San Diego (Season 14)
Irulan, Las Vegas (Season 12)
Jacinda, London (Season 4)
Jenn, Denver (Season 18)
KellyAnne, Sydney (Season 19)
Mallory, Paris (Season 13)
Melinda, Austin (Season 16)
Svetlana, Key West (Season 17)
Trishelle, Las Vegas (Season 12)

Hottest Male – The Real World Awards Nominees

Alex, Denver (Season 18)
Alton, Las Vegas (Season 12)
Brad, San Diego (Season 14)
CT, Paris (Season 13)
Chris, Chicago
Danny, Austin (Season 16)
Eric, New York (Season 1)
Isaac, Sydney (Season 19)
Jason, Boston (Season 6)
Johnny, Key West (Season 17)

Biggest Playa –The Real World Awards Nominees

Tough call. I think David thinks he should win.

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Brad, San Diego
Cara, Chicago
Colie, Denver Colie
David, New Orleans
Syrus, Boston
Teck, Hawaii

Favorite Season – The Real World Awards Nominees

My favorite seasons of The Real World tend to be the earlier seasons. My all-time favorite season was Miami, Season 5.

My other favorite seasons are Season 3 in San Francisco, and Sydney, Season 19.

My least favorite season of all time is London, Season 4. This was the most disjointed episode of the show. They took a bunch of over-achievers and expected them to sit around and irk each other. To their credit they all had better things to do. Unfortunately, this did not make for entertaining reality TV.

My other least favorite seasons are Hawaii (Season 8)and Paris (Season 13).

New York, Season 1
Andre, Becky, Eric, Heather, Norman, Julie, and Kevin

Los Angeles, Season 2
Aaron, Beth, David, Dominic, Irene, Jon and Tami

San Francisco, Season 3
Cory, Judd, Mohammed, Pam, Rachel, Pedro and Puck

London , Season 4
Jacinda, Jay, Kat, Lars, Neil, Mike and Sharon

Miami, Season 5
Cynthia, Dan, Flora, Joe, Sarah, Melissa, and Mike

Boston, Season 6
Jason, Montana, Sean, Kameelah, Genesis, Elka, and Syrus

Seattle, Season 7
Janet, Nathan, Rebecca, Lindsay, Stephen, Irene and David

Hawaii, Season 8
Colin, Amaya, Matt, Kaia, Justin, Ruthie and Teck

New Orleans, Season 9
Danny, David, Jamie, Julie, Kelley, Matt and Melissa

Back To New York, Season 10
Coral, Kevin, Lori, Nicole, Mike and Rachel

Chicago, Season 11
Aneesa, Cara, Chris, Keri, Kyle, Theo and Tonya

Las Vegas, Season 12
Arissa, Alton, Brynn, Frank, ,Irulan, Steven and Trishelle

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Paris, Season 13
Ace, Adam, Christina, CT, Leah, Mallory and Simon,

San Diego, Season 14
Brad, Cameran, Frankie, Jacquese Jamie, Randy and Robin

Philadelphia, Season 15
Karamo,Landon, Melianie, M. J., Willie, Sarah and Shavonda

Austin, Real World 16
Danny, Johanna, Lacey, Melinda, Nehemiah, Rachel, and Wes

Key West, Season 17
Jose, Janelle, John, Paula, Tyler, and Svetlana and Zach

Denver, Season 18
Alex, Brooke, Colie, Davis, Jenn, Stephen and Tyree

Sydney. Season 19
Ashli, Cohutta, Dunbar, Isaac, KellyAnne, Parisa, Shauvon and Trisha

Best Fight The Real World Awards Nominees

Missing: Where it the Steven and Irene, Seattle nomination?

Brynn and Steven in Las Vegas
Dave and Tami in Los Angeles
Davis and Tyrie in Denver Tyrie
Pedro and Puck in San Francisco
Julie and Kevin in New York

Steamiest Scene – The Real World Awards Nominees

Missing: Where is the Mike, Melissa and stranger in the shower nomination?

Alex and Jenn in Denver
The Austin Cast – Austin
Brooke And Jenn (And Tyrie) – Denver
Steven, Trishelle And Brynn – Las Vegas
Tyler and Bhakti – Key West

Favorite Love Story
The Real World Awards Nominees

Missing: Where is the Svetlana and herself nomination?

Alton and Irulan in Vegas
Amaya and Colin in Hawaii Colin
Cohutta and KellyAnne in Sydney
Danny and Melinda in Austin
Pedro and Sean in San Francisco
Steven and Trishelle in Las Vegas

Gone Baby Gone – The Real World Awards Nominees

Can anyone real top Puck’s exit? Even today?

Dave, Los Angeles
Irene, Seattle
Puck, San Francisco
Shauvon, Sydney
Trisha, Sydney

Roommate you love to hate –
The Real World Awards Nominees

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There are just too many to pick. Missing: where are Montana (Boston), Svetlanan (Key West), and Tonya (Chicago)?
There should be a nomination for favorite cast member of all time. Who was more real than Cynthia in Miami?

Beth, Los Angeles
Coral, New York 2
Puck, San Francisco
Trisha, Sydney
Tyler, Key West

Best Dance Off The Real World Awards Nominees

Melissa is a little fireball.

Adam, Paris
Jenn, Denver
Tyler, Key West
Melissa, New Orleans
Johanna, Austin

Best Break Down
The Real World Awards Nominees

Paula was broken down for her entire season.

Brooke, Denver is nominated for two break downs
Dan to Melissa, Miami
Paula, Key West
Rachel, Austin

Best Phone Call Gone Bad
The Real World Awards Nominees

Juicy! They were all pretty bad.

Dunbar, Sydney
Flora, Miami
Jacquese, San Diego
Montana, Boston
Paula, Key West
Shavonda, Philadelphia

Best Brush with the law
– The Real World Awards Nominees

Any brush with the law, especially one televised should not get an award.

Robin Arrested On Same Night As Brad, San Diego
Johanna Steals A Rose
Tyrie Public Urination, Denver


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