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Monopoly Goes Disney

Disney Movies, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty

The classic Monopoly board game takes a new twist with the Disney Monopoly version. Hotels have become Sleeping Beauty Castles, and Monopoly Money has been exchanged for Disney Dollars. This is a game for Disney fans from 8 to 99.

Disney Monopoly: The Game

Disney Monopoly is played in the same way as the original Monopoly. The Disney version simply replaces the icons, properties, and game pieces for Disney themed alternatives. The game is designed for players age 8 to adult, and 2-8 players can play at the same time.

Pewter game pieces for Disney Monopoly include Dumbo, Mowgli, Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp, Alice, Snow White, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty. Each player chooses their favorite to move around the game board during play.

The game board is and bright with colorful property spaces, with Disney movie favorites serving as decoration for the spaces on the game board. Players can try to purchase properties such as Cinderella, Toy Story, Bambi, and Tarzan movie properties. Sets of color coded properties are grouped together on the game board to create property groups of two and three similar properties, that must all be purchased by the same player to buy “cottages” and “castles,” during game play.

Showtime and Magic Moments cards have replaced Chance and Community Chest of the original Monopoly. When a player lands on one of these spots marked on the game board, they can select a card from the corresponding deck. Each card offers a bonus or instruction on the Showtime and Magic Moments cards.

A total of 28 property deed cards are included with Disney Monopoly, corresponding to Disney movies. Lion King has become the new Park Place in the Disney version.

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Playing Disney Monopoly

Each player begins the game with $1500 Disney Dollars. Dice rolls are used to move player game pieces around the game board, and unowned properties (Disney movies) can be purchased by players who land on the game spot. After passing Go, players receive $200. The goal of the game is to become a Disney real estate tycoon, and to bankrupt the other players.

When players land on a property owned by another player, they must pay rent to that player. White Rabbit Cottages represent traditional Monopoly houses in the game, and can be purchased when a player owns all the properties in the color group of properties. Sleeping Beauty Castles demand the most rent from players, and may be purchased after 4 houses are in place on an owned property.

Disney Moments

Disney Monopoly is a great game for children and adults who love all things Disney. We received this game, boxed in the Disney Monopoly tin, as a gift from Disney World, and the game has been played many times over the past five years. At least two players are needed to play the game, but three or four players seem to work best. Disney Monopoly makes a good choice for a family game with older kids. The recommended age is 8 and up, and kids have plenty of opportunities to practice their money skills and strategies with Disney Monopoly.

One of the best things about Disney Monopoly is that many kids and adults will already be familiar with the game. The Disney version simply adds the fun Disney themes to the original Monopoly, to make it the same game with a total Disney influence. My kids like to own the different Disney properties more than the original Monopoly real estate game deeds.

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Unlike other games that seem to be popular for a few years and then get pushed to the back of the game closet, Disney Monopoly is a classic game that will still be fun to play in ten years. The Disney Monopoly Tin is a good choice for collectors, because the tin is more durable than the cardboard box version of the game. It does cost a bit more, however, so Disney fans may want to consider the regular Disney Monopoly game set to save a few dollars.