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Moen Camerist Kitchen Faucet Review


Ease of Use, Performance: 25/25, Look & Feel: 25/25,
Features 23/25, How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 98/100

Moen is synonymous with plumbing but the word plumbing just does not seem to fit the style and quality of the company’s products. Moen has been making plumbing fixtures for many years and has created some really unique and stylish designs that create fantastic atmosphere for anyone’s taste in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. If you want to play around with the different types and designs available and how they may look in your kitchen and bathroom check out the interactive design center at Moen.com.

The new Camerist line of kitchen faucets adds not only the same stylish design in four great finishes but continues the Moen tradition of quality and fine craftsmanship. The Camerist kitchen faucet is a one handle faucet that has a pull out spout with three water spray settings. The Camerist is a great faucet for any kitchen and adds that touch of class and style to even the smallest kitchen, just like mine.

For my next installment of kitchen gadgets that work, the Moen gets the first Blue Ribbon Award for gadgets that really work well. The Camerist is very easy to install and works extremely well, an all around fantastic product. I have suffered long enough with the cheap and down right disappointing kitchen faucets and have entered the world of Moen.

The Camerist is a single handle kitchen faucet with these great features:

Pause button temporarily stops the flow of water
Solid lever handle
Hydrolock quick connect installation
Aerated, Rinse, and Veggie spray functions
10-3/4″ spout height
9″ spout reach
1 or 3 hole application
Can be single hole mounted
8 1/2″ supplies, 1/2″ connections
59″ hose
Spout swings

The Camerist kitchen faucet comes in Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Glacier and Stainless finishes with one or three hole mounting. The unique clip mounting of the main hose to the spout makes connecting the hose a very simple operation. Once the water lines are connected you often have very little room for connecting the rest of the plumbing so using this simple Hydrolock quick connection makes the rest of the work simple.

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Installing the Moen Camerist is easy; shut off water to faucet, remove old faucet, place new one in sink/faucet holes, screw on retaining nut with included tool, connect both water lines, connect main line to faucet, enjoy water from your Moen Camerist. The Camerist has three settings from the faucet, Aerated or a nice steady stream perfect for filling pots and the sink, the drizzle shower or Veggie spray for a nice gentle rinsing and Rinse or power wash.

When you turn on the water for the faucet it comes out as the aerated stream, to switch to the other sprays you simply push the two position rocker button for each spray. To get the aerated stream back you simply push the pause button on the spout to get back or to stop the flow temporarily while using your faucet. The pause button is a temporary button so as long as you hold it the water is stopped. It does work very well and not just partly, you can hold the button and move the faucet over the floor like when filling something you cannot put over the sink, say a steamer vacuum.

The spout has a good long hose and has a weight that snaps on for good pull back when you put the spout back into the faucet. The spout is nice and handy for all kinds of uses in the kitchen and does not get in the way, it swings nicely and was very easy to install. The quick connect makes the installation go very easily when you get the two water supply lines connected. The Hydrolock quick connect simply snaps on and two clips secure the ends of the plastic quick connect on each side. You can also disconnect the Hydrolock quick connect to reinstall the faucet if you need to, it is not a permanent connection. The supply lines are nice and long so you’re not working right behind the sink base when installing and the weight snaps on and off easily.

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If you can turn a wrench to screw on the faucet supply lines you can install this faucet in minutes. It took me longer to go to my local hardware store eight blocks from my house and purchase the new supply lines for the faucet than it did to install the entire faucet. The Camerist comes with the tool to install and tighten the nut that holds the faucet itself to the sink base which does need a Philips screw driver for tightening. The only other tool you may need is a wrench for the supply lines, if you have or get the supply lines that screw on by hand you may only need a screw driver to put through the nut tool.

The instructions are a nice and simple illustrated kind in three languages but with very little words and lots of helpful pictures. You can follow step by step what you need to do to install the Camerist by following the steps in the illustrations and not do much reading at all. The faucet comes with protective caps on the ends of the hose and the faucet base to protect the hose ends while installing. There was also tissue on the chrome parts of my faucet to protect the finish in shipment and before installing. There is also a foam seal that goes between the faucet and the sink so there is no messy caulk or plumbers putty while installing.

The faucet looks very good and will last a long time as well as add a touch of class and elegance, even to a little tiny kitchen like mine. The chrome finish looks very good and for an even better, more elegant look you can go for the Stainless, white Glacier or the Oil Rubbed Bronze. You can see the different colors on a real picture of the faucet at the Moen website to help you choose the finish you want. Just click on the small discs of colors and the faucet picture will change to that finish.

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The Moen Camerist may be a bit more expensive than your average kitchen faucet but the cost is well worth the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the product. The faucet comes with the Moen Lifetime Warranty for no leaks, drips and free from defects for the original homeowner purchaser. If your faucet gets a leak inside the faucet or the hose you can get new parts to replace the bad ones by calling Moen or mailing them. Of course this does not cover abuse and using parts other than original Moen replacement parts and you will need your proof of purchase when getting the Warranty covered parts. Just keep the warranty and the receipt in a safe place and you will have no worries or problems with the Moen faucet.

The Moen Camerist is an excellent kitchen faucet and so very easy to install that just about anyone can do it. The Camerist works extremely well especially with the temporary off with no water dripping out. I highly recommend the Moen Camerist kitchen faucet for an elegant and well built faucet.