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Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes, Make Up Tips

Brown eyes make up tips.

I studied make up for a while in college, and I learned that most of the things that I had been told by beauty and fashion magazines were to be ignored. There were no hard and fast rules about what colours and styles people “could” wear. The truth is, you can wear whatever colour you want really, but there are some colours that can help define and accentuate your eyes better than others.

I have brown eyes, so I have experimented with just about every colour under the sun and I have learned a few tricks and truths along the way.


If you have brown eyes, you can wear black mascara with no problem, it wont look over the top like it does on some people with lighter coloured eyes.

But you don’t always have to stick with basic black, navy blue will bring out the colour in lighter brown eyes and electric blue will really enhance dark brown eyes.

Dark brown mascara will define your eyes and make them appear larger as the black mascara looks heavier and the pigment tends to give the appearance that the eyelashes are weighed down. Brown mascara will also look much more natural than black.


Since there are so many colours of eyeshadow, it would be hard to cover them all! But like anything, you need to practise and experiment. Put a light colour shadow all over your eyelids; use a small bristle brush for this as it will blend the colour more evenly. Blend it up to your brow bone, although you should be able to see very little colour by the time it reaches your brow bone.

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If you want to define you eyes slightly, apply a darker colour at the crease of your eyelid and blend upwards.

For more definition, apply the light colour and blend, apply a slightly darker colour, over the eyelid, making sure that the colour is not too heavy at the inner corer, blend into the crease but not above the brow bone. Choose an even darker colour and apply at the outer corner, build it up slightly to just below the crease, this will help to make your eyes look bigger.

Don’t listen to anyone that says brown eyes can’t wear brown eyeshadow, they can. I do it and I have been told that my eye make up (and my eyes) always look pretty!


For a change, try using a different coloured eyeliner instead of the usual black, greens look smoky and stunning. Lilacs will really enhance your eye colour and browns will look natural and earthy. Try using a light, flesh coloured pencil on the inside of your eyes to make them look less red and more awake. A white pencil can tend to look very unnatural on a dark eye, especially if you have dark skin.


No matter what your eye colour, applying a highlighter over your brow bone will make your eyes look wider and more awake.

Eyebrows:These really do frame the face, make sure that you pluck away any straggly, stray hairs, but don’t go overboard! Eyebrows that are too thin will make your eyes disappear. If you have over plucked, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps and blend thoroughly. Follow your natural brow line and don’t pluck from above the eyebrow.