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Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

Baby Oil

Many people suffer from excessive dry skin. Even though there are many different products on the market, which make claims of improving dry skin, no other product is more effective than baby oil. Of course, some people are hesitant to use baby oil. Despite the ability to soften and smooth skin, baby oil can be a bit messy. When the liquid is poured into the hand, it tends to run all over the place. If you experience similar problems while using baby oil, consider switching to Johnson’s baby oil gel.

Johnson’s baby oil gel is very unique. If you love using baby oil, but hate the running mess, this product is perfect. Johnson’s baby oil gel combines the feel of baby oil with the thickness of lotion. Instead of pouring the oil, it is squeezed into your palm. The consistency of the products keeps it from running.

I started using Johnson’s baby oil gel about a year ago. While unpacking after a trip, I noticed that my liquid baby oil had caused a mess, despite my efforts to firmly close the cap and wrap the bottle in plastic. From this point, I stopped traveling with baby oil. Instead, I relied on regular lotion. However, I loved the way baby oil made my skin look and feel; thus, I was never satisfied with using lotion. I was introduced to Johnson’s baby oil gel on a separate trip. After seeing a friend use the oil, I asked to experiment. I was immediately hooked, and purchased the baby oil gel the very next day.

Up until this time, I had never heard of Johnson’s baby oil gel. Because the product was newly introduced, many retail stores were not selling the product. Furthermore, the selection was limited. Today, Johnson’s baby oil gel is available in three scents, Aloe, Chamomille, and Lavender. All three types are specially formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients proven to nourish and soften skin. I love this product because I can apply it at night following a shower, and the softness last for at least 24 hours. Moreover, the baby oil gives skin a nice healthy luster. Initially, the gel is sticky. However, once the oil soaks into the skin, all you feel is softness.

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Johnson’s baby oil gel is very mild. Thus, it is perfect for persons with sensitive skin or those suffering from allergies. Nonetheless, if irritation does occur, it is recommended that consumers discontinue use.