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Jakks Pacific and WWE Release Unmatched Fury Series 6

Eddie Guerrero, Jakks, Jakks Pacific, Piper, Roddy Piper

Jakks Pacific is known for making exciting and highly detailed figures in their Ruthless Aggression, Classic Series, and many other lines. Those figures are all moveable and playable for the younger children and great collectibles for the older crowd. Their more recent series though, Unmatched Fury are not adjustable and are more for collectors or displays of wrestling memorabilia. They feature wrestlers in signature poses, like Hulk Hogan ripping his shirt, John Cena performing a five knuckle shuffle or Mick Foley raising “Socko” into the air.

The newest Unmatched Fury Series, series 6th, may be one of the best and features four superstars, two legends and two future legends. Available in late November, they will add to the list of more excellent figures from Jakks Pacific.

Eddie Guerrero: The late, great, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Eddie Guerrero gets his first Unmatched Fury figure and what a great figure it is. While a recreation of Eddie’s frog splash would have been nice, Eddie is posed in a taunting motion, usually towards an opponent, singling bring it. Eddie’s slogan was “lie, cheat, and steal” and the expression on his face shows that he is up no to no good at that point. He is dressed in a pair of red wrestling pants with a design down the sides.

Randy Orton: 3rd Generation superstar Randy Orton is making a name for himself in the WWE and becoming a bigger superstar than his dad and grandfather ever were. He won his second WWE Championship at the 2007 Unforgiven and his cocky attitude comes out perfect in this Unmatched Fury figure. Orton is doing his trademark pose that he poses with on the top rope after every entrance and sometimes before defeating an opponent with his finisher, the RKO. The figure captures all of his tattoos perfectly and he is dressed in wrestling trunks and knee pads.

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Rowdy Roddy Piper: Roddy Piper is the original loud mouth of the WWE, with his successful Piper’s Pit segments gaining more coverage than his actual matches, but he has had a lot of classics. In a dog collar match with Greg Valentine, the match got so violent that Piper actually lost hearing in one of his ears. The figure comes with his trademark Scottish kilt and Piper’s posed in the middle of one of his loud, hilarious rants, usually towards a superstar.

Kane: Kane was brought into the WWE as the Undertaker’s brother, but is now a character of his own and one of the most popular superstars on the roster. He is an excellent wrestler and always puts on exciting matches, like his Inferno match against M.V.P at the 2006 Armageddon. When kane makes his fiery entrance and raises his hands in the center of the ring, the crowd knows that flames are about to explode and that is exactly how his figure is posed. He has an intense look on his face, fingers clenched, and dressed in red and black pants that makes this figure one of the best in the whole Unmatched fury series.

If the prices are a little too high, definitely check out the Kane and Orton figures because they capture each superstar in the perfect moment and make fans wait in anticipation for the next series to be released.