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Introduction to Hydrosphere Pollution

Acid Rain, Pollution, Water Pollution

Water pollution is a major issue at challenge that is affecting the world. It has done so much destruction to the lives of humans, plants, animals, and the environment. Even though many have died from water pollution, a lot of people still don’t see a cause in trying to help fight the pollution. Only environmentalists and a few other people care about trying to reverse water pollution. There are many ways that will help stop and even reverse water pollution, but only a handful will actually help. These days, so much crude oil is being transported, so much being lost in the oceans. There are ways to stop this, such as having oil companies change to double hulled ships, greatly reducing the amount of oil spilled each year.

There are many bad chemicals that are released into the waters of the world. These cause various kinds of diseases, such as cancer, crippling diseases, and reduced oxygen flow to the brain. Many of these kill, and if someone survives, they will most likely be crippled for life. These are the effects of hydrosphere pollution. People must work together to reverse hydrosphere pollution before it is too late. Also, the tons of oil spilled between the years 1967-1983 reached a record high. In these 16 years, about 23,000,000 tons of crude oil were released into the oceans by accidental tanker spills. The amounts of toxins being released into the oceans have gone too far. Developing countries will suffer the problem of agricultural runoff sources while developed countries suffer the problem of chemical discharge in the water.

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Wars also contribute to water pollution. With more wars, one side may deliberately destroy an oil tanker or platform. Massive amounts of oil would be spilled, especially if the wars take place where there is a lot of oil, like the Middle East. Many wars are raging around that area, and it is very likely for one side to blow up an oil rig. People must work together to solve problems like this.

With the air polluted, there most likely will be acid rain. The acid rain will come down and kill animals as well as plants. When this water flows down to a nearby water source, the soil will become contaminated and will cause ground pollution. Once this reaches a water source, it will cause water pollution. This is an example of chain events. One source of pollution will lead to another. In this process, many animals and plants will die. Once the acidic rain reaches the water source, it will evaporate, creating acidic clouds. This will again cause acid rain, and the cycle will begin all over again. This pollution must be stopped. Cycles like this will repeat over and over again. That is why people must work together now to stop hydrosphere pollution and not wait until it is too late to stop the process of pollution.

Some forms of pollution produce materials that are in our everyday life. Petroleum creates crayons, paint, gum, dishwashing detergents, and others. Though petroleum is needed, that does not mean that it should be carried around without proper protection. Right now, an oil tanker hull is about an inch thick. A mere scrape could easily cut the hull open. With double hulled tankers, the likeliness of a spill is a lot lower.

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