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Hybrid Cars – the Good and the Bad

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Most people believe that there are more good points than there is bad when it comes to purchasing a hybrid car. Hybrid cars are considered to be the cars of the future. More and more people each day are selling their gasoline only cars to get their hands on a hybrid. Why do more and more people desire to purchase a hybrid car even though the retail prices of hybrids tend to be far more expensive than their non-hybrid counterparts?

Simple, hybrid cars provide long term fuel savings. While you might initially spend much more money on purchasing the car, within two years you will have offset this expense completely by the amount of money you have saved due to the reduced amount of gasoline you will use. So far we’ve seen hybrid cars provide up to 70 miles per gallon (note the average hybrid car gets around 40 miles per gallon). Compare that to the 28 miles per gallon you’re probably getting right now and you can see how that would add up fast!

How to hybrid cars work? Hybrid cars are able to provide this gas savings because they basically run on two engines. They have your typical internal combustion engine and they also have an electric motor that runs on a battery. Hybrid cars unite electrical energy and gasoline. By joining the two your car runs more efficiently, more quietly and more cleanly than other cars.

Another great plus for hybrid owners is that there are generally tax incentives from the government for owning a hybrid car. Also from time to time the government issues passes to hybrid car owners that allow them to drive in the carpool only lanes even if there is no one else in the car with them.

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Now let’s talk about some of the bad points. There has been speculation and concern over the possible danger of the extra battery in hybrid cars. These batteries carry a rather high voltage and could cause increased risk of electrocution to passengers in case of an accident. Chances are though that by the time you read this that problem will have been solved. The only other main disadvantage of a hybrid car is the cost. Most hybrid cars start at $23,000 and up. While this may be affordable to some, it will be way out of the price range for many.

We can expect as time goes by the technology will become cheaper and hybrid cars will become more and more affordable. If you are able to fit the bill do yourself and the environment a favor and get yourself a hybrid car, you’ll be glad you did!