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Huggies Versus Pampers Diapers

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Anyone who has young children and uses’ disposable diapers know that when it comes to diapering your little one there are two major diaper distributors, Huggies and Pamper. Both Huggies and Pampers were introduced in North America in the early 1960’s. Both Huggies and Pampers diapers have stood the test of time, managing to adapt to the needs of the ever-changing demands of parenting. But when it comes right down to it, which diaper is the most reliable, most economical and most importantly the more comfortable choice for your child?

When if comes to reliability both Huggies and Pampers do the job they were invented to do. From my personal experience neither diaper has leaked more than the other during one of my son’s normal bowel movements. I did however notice that during loose bowel movements both diapers seem to allow the stool to come out the back of the diaper. Both Huggies and Pampers kept from leaking at night when my son seemed to urinate the most. When it comes to reliability goes both diapers seemed to do the job at hand, which was to keep any bodily fluids from getting on the outside of the diaper.

Usually I purchase my diapers from Walmart or from Publix. Both of these stores seem to have some of the lowest prices in my town. However, because prices differ store to store based on location and rival chains competing to have the lowest prices, I decided to go with www.1800Diapers.com to determine whether Huggies or Pampers are cheaper in price. For the sake of keeping this as fair as possible I will only look at diapers in size 5. According to www.1800Diapers.com. Huggies Natural Fit diapers in size 5 with approximately 88 diapers, will cost you $29.99 plush shipping or 34 cents per diaper. Pampers Cruisers in size 5 with approximately 124 diapers will cost you $37.99 plush shipping or 30 cents per diaper. Using simple math I divided 29.99 by 88 diapers and got 34 cents per diaper. Dividing $37.99 by 124 diapers, I calculated the Pampers diapers to cost a little less than 31 cents a diaper. Using the prices on www.1800Diapers.com it looks as though the Pampers diapers are the more economically priced of the two.

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When my son was first born, he wore Pampers Swaddlers. The Swaddlers worked well until he out grew them. For the next few months we bought Huggies Natural Fit. I noticed that the Huggies were very hard to put on my son. They did not have an elastic band around the waist that the Swaddlers had offered. Yet I continued to use them because I thought they were the best brand for my baby and because Huggies advertised that they had “Hugflex” which was better for your child. Finally, after 3 months of using Huggies Natural Fit I decided to buy Pampers Cruisers. The Pampers Cruisers where much easier to put on my son. They had the elastic waist that I had once enjoyed when my son wore the Pampers Swaddlers. I also noticed that at night when he would urinate the elastic band constricted keeping him from having any gaps that may have lead to a leaky diaper. In my opinion when it comes to comfort, both for Mom and baby, Pampers Cruisers win hands down!

After looking at three major concerns parents have when it comes to choosing a diaper, reliability, price and comfort I have decided that Pampers excels over Huggies in each category. I would definitely suggest to anyone who is having or has children to buy Pampers diapers over Huggies. To me they are easy to put on, they do the job they are intended to do and it does hurt that you save a little money in the process. Not only can you save money by using Pampers over Huggies but you can also save your “Pampers Points” and earn free toys for your baby by entering them on www.Pampers.com . I have already collected over 100 points! I absolutely love Pampers, not only will my son be kept in pampers until he’s potty trained but my future children will be too!

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