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How to Make Mother Day Baskets Cheaply

Dollar Tree

Being a school teacher, my budget is rather sparse. I wanted to create a unique and wonderful gift for my aging Mother for Mother’s Day as I am blessed and am not sure how many more Mother’s Day I will have with her. I searched the local stores, checked out flower shops, even looked at on line stores, hoping to find a nice basket of gifts that would fit my budget. Most ran from $35.00 to $100.00. I decided to check out my local Dollar Tree store to see if I could create the same gift for less. I was surprised when I walked in the store and the baskets were upfront, and the lotions, bath supplies and other items were right beside the baskets.

While I used the Dollar Tree to create the basket, you can create a similar basket from any dollar store, whether it is the Dollar Tree, Everythings a Dollar, or your local Family Dollar or Dollar General. i would suggest the Dollar Tree or Every things a Dollar, as of course everything is a dollar. I can hear people wondering what sort of basket I put together there. Not only is this article a suggestion of how to make creative inexpensive baskets, but it details what went into the one I made.

Even though there are plenty of gifts to chose from at a dollar store, you need to put some thought into the type of basket and the theme. At first I was thinking of creating a Cucumber scented theme. You can always create a theme around an idea, such as butterflies. I decided a color theme might work best and bet the easiest to put together. I went with purple and lavender.

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I decided on a shower basket. Wicker baskets might get ruined with the water, so I was looking for something plastic, that didn’t look like Tupperware. In the back of the store, near the Tupperware, I found a plastic basket with handles. It fit the need perfectly. It was rectangular, with holes in the sides to let the water out, and a nifty handle to carry it.

Being that my Mother is allergic to most scents, I decided to go with the shower theme, minus too many lotions. The Dollar Tree carries a wonderful supply of goods called April Bath and Shower. The products come in various shades, and luckily purple was included. I purchased a microfiber head towel from April Bath and Shower. I also purchased a bath glove, a net bath band, terry make up head band and a shower scrunchy, all from the same company. The net band is basically a long scrunchy with a rope on each end to be used to scrub the back. As I had never seen one, I thought it was a unique idea. I included purple rose soap petals from a company called Crystal Waters. The same company makes body lotion, so I included that also. To decorate the basket I purchased purple carnations and roses to put in the basket. To top it off, I purchased purple decoration grass for the bottom of the basket. My Mother can put the three bouquets of flower in a vase in her bathroom or opt to leave them in the basket . In all, the basket cost twelve dollars plus tax.. It will probably cost me as much to ship it to North Carolina, but it is worth the cost.

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You can check out the Dollar Tree’s web site and they seem to have stolen my idea about creating a Mothers Day basket. Their web site is of course www.dollartree.com. With economic hard times, it is wonderful to be able to create a beautiful basket for Mother’s Day that fits into our budget. I ended up saving money and my Mother will enjoy her gift.


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