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How to Make Bottle Cap Earrings

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Would you like to make an artsy pair of earrings and recycle at the same time? Why not try your hand at creating bottle cap earrings? If you purchased these at a craft gallery, you’d likely pay a small fortune, but you can make them quickly and easily at home for almost nothing. So, start collecting those bottle caps and get ready to make bottle cap earrings. Here’s how:

Supplies for Making Bottle Cap Earrings

Two bottle caps of your choice
Two large silver tone jump rings (can be purchased from a bead store or craft supply store)
Base metal wire in a color that matches
Two silver tone fishhook earring findings (also available at craft and bead stores)
Silver tone 22 gauge craft wire
Several small beads of your choice to coordinate with your bottle caps (make sure the hole is large enough to fit onto your craft wire)
Round nose pliers
Access to an electric drill

Make bottle cap earrings: Gather your supplies

Save bottle caps at home in a jar so you can use them in the future for making bottle cap earrings. You should be able to get the remainder of your supplies at your local craft or bead store.

Make bottle cap earrings: Prepare your bottle caps

After you’ve selected the bottle caps to use for your earrings, drill a hole into each bottle cap about a quarter inch below the outer rim. The hole should be large enough to insert your jump ring.

Make bottle cap earrings: Attach jump rings

Use your flat nose pliers to open each of your two jump rings by gently separating the ends. Slide the open end of your jump ring onto the hole drilled in the bottle cap. Use your pliers to close the jump ring securely so that the ends touch without a gap.

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Make bottle cap earrings: Add beads

Lay out the beads you want to add to your design. Cut a length of craft wire about an inch longer than your chosen beads. Using your round nose pliers, make a small loop at one end of the wire and attach it to the jump ring of each bottle cap before closing it off with your pliers. Add your beads to the length of wire before making another round loop at the top to attach to your earring hook.

Make bottle cap earrings: Attach the earring hooks

You’re not ready to attach your fish hook ear wires to complete you bottle cap earrings. To do this, gently separate the loop on a fish hook ear wire and insert the top loop you made previously on your craft wire holding the beads. Close off the earring wire securely using your round nose pliers. You now have a completed pair of dangly, bottle cap earrings complete with beads.

If you want to simplify this project, you can skip the beads and attach the fish hook ear wire directly to the jump rings on your bottle caps for super quick and easy bottle cap earrings. Why throw bottle caps away when you can quickly convert them into one-of-a-kind art jewelry? Have fun creating your own bottle cap earrings.