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How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower

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Why have regular baby showers when you can have a themed one? If the pregnant party is having a boy or is into sports, you should have a sports themed baby shower. This article will tell you how to throw one and what you’ll need.

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #1: Invitations

Making your own invitations can save on $$. Simply open up Microsoft Word, type up the information needed for the baby shower, find a sports themed picture and print however many you need. If you want to have a more professional look, you can always buy a sports themed invitation from Storkie Express.com. They have magnet invitations for $2.49 each (you have to order in increments of 24).

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #2: Decorations

Best Baby Shower.com has a Sports “doll” that looks like a doll but really is made out of a receiving blanket and other newborn goodies. During the duration of the baby shower, it could be used as a decoration and then at the end of the party, given to the mother as a special gift. It is on sale for $14.99 and can go up to $29.99.

Simply Baby Stuff.com sells banners, including a sports banner that says “A little star is on the way. Thank you for celebrating (name here) special day.” The banner is 1 foot by 5 feet and costs $19.99.

Baby Cake Shop offers customers a Sports Themed Centerpiece for $4 dollars. You can choose a football, basketball, baseball or soccer centerpiece.

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #3: Games

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You can play any kind of baby shower game for a Sports Themed Baby shower since any game that involves more then one player has some kind of competition to it. Another idea is to get bouncy balls or basket balls and have each person line up and bounce each ball how many times inches they think the Mother’s stomach is. Give the winner a sports themed gift or trophy.

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #4: Favors and Gifts

The Oriental Trading Company has adorable little rubber duckies that are all wearing sports gear and holding balls. They are 2 inches and would be perfect to give out as favors. They cost $5.99 per dozen.

Candy bars are becoming a popular item to hand out at Baby Showers, especially because you can buy your own candy bar labels that reflect your theme. Simply Baby Stuff.com has personalized wrappers for .99 cents each (minimum order 25).

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #5: Cake Designs

Easy Birthday Cakes.com has several sports themed cake designs. You need to pick one that reflects your party best and decide if you want something that is hard or easy. If you don’t want to make the cake yourself, take a picture of the cake and show it to your local bakery to see how much they’d charge to make the cake for you.

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #6: Eating Supplies

Baby Cake Shop.com has football shaped plates for $3.25 for eight plates. They could easily hold snacks or desserts.

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The Oriental Trading Co is a great place to find your sports utensils. They have a basketball table cover for $5.29 and six pages of different sports cups that you can use (disposable and reusable).

How to Have a Sports Themed Baby Shower #7: Hats

Party Time has a really neat plastic football hat for $1.85 each. It can be used for the mother to be or each party attendee can have their own.

If you want regular cone shaped hats, Party Paper Life has a 8 pack of plates for $3.59. They feature a basketball and baseball along the sides.