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How to Choose the Right Type of Bathtub

If you are remodeling your bathroom and not quite sure what type of bathtub you would like to put in, or if you would simply like to use your existing tub with modifications, then these tips will help you to make an informed decision.

There are several modification techniques you can choose from to keep your existing tub, if it is structurally sound, and there are basically four different types of bathtubs to choose from, should you choose a replacement.

The modification of a bathtub can save you a lot of time and effort if you have one that is in very good structural condition to begin with, and it basically just needs cosmetic work done. You can fill it, recoat it or have a new liner installed.

The first option, having it filled, simply means that if you have a tub with enamel that has chipped, leaving it unsightly, that you want to purchase a product that will fill those small holes and leave the tub looking new again.

The second option, having it recoated, is great if you have a tub that is in good condition but is totally out of date with its color scheme. You can have it recoated with porcelain to almost any color you choose for a minimal cost. This needs to be done professionally.

The third and last option, for modification of an existing tub that is made of cast iron or pressed steel, is to have a professional come in and place a tub liner over your existing bathtub to leave it looking brand new. You will need to have the piece custom-made to fit your tub, and that can take a few weeks to complete, but once the work is done, it can be installed in a day.

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If you are replacing your bathtub altogether and are not sure of which model to purchase, the following will help you make an informed decision.

The first type of bathtub to choose from is a time period piece claw foot tub. Today’s claw foot tub provides the beauty of past work with the modern style and function we have come to appreciate and expect during our bath time indulgences. These tubs are beautiful but can be quite expensive, reaching up into the several thousands of dollars. The feet can come in any style of elegant or simple design and are usually finished in a type of metal. The tub itself can be traditional, jetted, or elongated in the back for additional comfort and support.

The second type of bathtub is a jetted tub. These bathtubs are deep and designed for a comfort. You can choose a traditional size or a much larger size, depending on your particular style and the style of the room it will be in. There are different types of jets that you can get. If you like a soft jet and do not mind noise, then an air jet is the way to go. If you prefer the heat to last a bit longer, like the quiet and want a harder jet, then water jets are the way to go. Also know that the more jets there are, the less force they will produce as well. You can also choose a model with many tiny (fizzy) bubbles coming up from the bottom, instead of those coming up from the traditional type of jetting. The big challenge with these types of tubs is finding the place to store the motor. You can put it in a deck, an existing cabinet (or one you build) next to it in the bathroom, or you can route the tubing through the floor or wall to a room that can house it. Also you must keep maintenance of the jets up to prevent bacteria from getting into them. This is easily done by a flush. The cost of these tubs ranges from a little over a thousand dollars, to as high as you are willing to pay.

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The third type of tub to get is a soaking tub. These provide an elegant and romantic look and feel to the room. The are built in or free standing and very deep. These type of tubs are wonderful for a luxurious soaking and can be very relaxing. The two big challenges when installing a soaking tub is that one, they hold a lot of water, so making sure to update your water heater, if necessary, prior to installation is a must. And two, they weigh a lot and with water in them, they weigh a lot more; this means that prior to installation, the floor they are sitting on will more than likely need to be reinforced. These tubs come in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes and are second to none for style and relaxation. The cost is comparable to that of a jet tub, starting at a little over a thousand dollars and going as high as you are willing to go.

The last type of tub you can purchase is the traditional recessed one that you see fit in between two side walls and anchored against a back wall. They traditionally have a shower attachment as well and are very functional and affordable. These are great for families who do not spend a lot of time in the bathtub, who prefer a shower but sometimes like a bath, who have children, or who opt for function, practicality and frugality. They cost as little as $250 and can last a very long time. Of course you could spend more, up to a thousand dollars and beyond, depending on the design and type of material you want. Again, the challenge as with any tub, is that if you are choosing a heavy material, you will most likely have to reinforce the floor underneath it prior to installation.

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Whatever your choice, revamping or replacing, choosing the right choice for your needs and the needs of your family can provide you with a brand new bathing experience and give your room the foundation for the look you desire instantly. Tubs are certainly a major focal point of the bathroom and dressing them up, or down, can easily work in your favor. Also, the bathroom is one of the major selling points of a home, should you desire to sell, so rest assured that any upgrades you make, such as putting in a new tub, will be well worth the time and effort of doing so.